The Grizzlies Draft

Now that the draft is in the rear view mirror
The whole darn thing might be a little clearer.

We needed defense foremost and first
Because last season ours was the very worst.

We drafted this guy named Hasheem Thabeet;
And we hope he can turn up the defensive heat.

He’ll defend the paint,that’s what they say
So those penetrating guards will stay away.

And when their big guys get the ball like it or not
There will be Thabeet to make them alter their shot.

I wanted Rickey Rubio but after one quick glance
The kid from Spain never had a chance.

So we got Thabeet and two other guys
Ah, but here is a word to the wise.

The Grizzlies are under some sort of voodoo curse
We always hope for the best but expect the worse.

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