The Memphis Mayor’s Race

As a politician A.C. Wharton is clever and cunning;
And he says there are way too many people running.

He doesn’t want anyone to get out but he made the case
That he’s not worried because of his voting base.

All he has to do is pull the trigger
And he’ll win because his base is bigger.

Now,Myron Lowery might say-hey I’m no stranger
So please don’t think you’re the Lone Ranger.

I can snap my finger and make a few notes
And-bingo-I’ve got 50,000 votes.

Plus who knows how many votes Jerry Lawler will bring
He’s not chopped liver- he is the King.

And several others are involved and it would be rare
If they,at least,didn’t get their share.

So,A.C. looks worried,at least to me
And if he’s not he darn well better be.

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