Bluff City Politics

I’m ready for some new faces I want you to hear,
I’ve had it with Memphis politics up to here.

Willie and Myron and the rest can go jump in the lake;
They got us into this mess for Heaven’s Sake.

Re-electing them would only turn up the heat
Like putting Rick Pitino in Paul Stanley’s seat.

John Willingham would be perfect for the top man’s chair
But too many Memphians just don’t care.

So we’ll stumble along and it will finally cease
When they send in the National Guard to keep the peace.

We’re going to Perdition in a push-cart,that’s my call
So please , Dear Lord,please help us all…

Willie’s Off His Rocker

I think it’s time that Memphians admitted
That Willie Herenton should be committed.

He has become a joke,a pain in the neck
Like a runaway train en route to a wreck.

I saw him on Channel 5 and come what may
He made a fool of hisself, as Coach Murphy would say.

I never voted for the guy,I once saw red
And I swear I voted for Prince Mongo instead.

He resigned as mayor and he’s now talkin’ smack
And the goof ball now wants his old job back.

So the trick is this and it’s very clear
If we don’t vote for him he will disappear.

But failing that he will do no further harm
If we can just get him to the Funny Farm..

Woe is Me

The City is doomed,the die has been cast
We’re going to hell and moving fast.

When Willie resigned as mayor we had a chance
But now that he’s gone and changed his stance.

He wants the mayor’s job back and please don’t bet it
Because the odds are good that he’s gonna get it.

He doesn’t like the job Myron’s doing as mayor
So if that’s the case lets be fair;

As they sometimes say back in the hood
Myron must be doing something good.

We already know where Herenton has taken us
Has Almighty God suddenly forsaken us:

Please Memphis don’t re-elect this clown
Do the right thing and turn him down….

It Ain’t Easy Being a Pirates Fan

OK Bucco fans read em and weep
The Cardinals left town with a 4 game sweep.

There’s no second guessing,nothing to discuss
The fact remains they’re better than us.

Their pitching was on target,really great
They were always right around the plate.

And when they needed a hit,as if by command
There stood Albert with a bat in his hand.

On their way out of town they carefully took stock
And the NL playoffs are a dead certain lock.

No such luck for the Pirates–did you know
This will be our 17th losing season in a row.

But as bad as we are it is also understood
The Steelers are the opposite-just that good…

We can’t touch the World Series with a 10 foot pole
But we do plan on another trip to the Super Bowl.

So the Steelers are great but the Pirates can be had;
But you gotta admit one out of two ain’t all that bad.

The New Guy at City Hall

The mayor pro tem is trying really,really hard,
To emulate the famous bard.

Kill all the lawyers Shakespeare once wrote
And Myron Lowery apparently took careful note.

Now,Elbert Jefferson wasn’t killed,that part was lacking
But the City Attorney was sent packing.

Elbert,it seems,was a very poor sport
And he’s suing Myron at last report.

So one brother sues another so the story goes
And where this will end-only Heaven knows.

Myron has hit the ground running-alas and alack
I just hope the ground doesn’t hit him back.

He wants to “clean house” at City Hall-I say good luck
I just hope he remembers how to duck..

Life Is Good

In all the annals of football broadcasting lore,
I have gone where no one has gone before.

Pay close attention and ponder this
I did play-by-play for Memphis and Ole Miss.

Being the Rebels voice was lots of fun
I actually called Billy Cannon’s 89 yard run.

In 5 years with Ole Miss I’m telling you
The Rebels,believe it or not, lost only 2.

The Tigers had lots of good players to fill the void
Guys like Billy Fletcher and of course Lucky Lloyd.

So looking back all I can say,like it or not
Is not Great Caesar’s Ghost but just Great Scott.

Willie – Gone but not forgotten

Willie’s tenure as mayor has come to an end
And there are those who would contend;

That he had some faults and made some mistakes
But then no one’s perfect-for Heaven’s sakes.

Our taxes are the highest in the entire state
And the quality of government’s not all that great.

Because if you factor in corruption when all’s said and done
We’re in a class by ourselves-far and away #1.

Car inspections are easy,no waiting in line
Just bribe the clerk and you’ll be fine.

Violent crime is down,this is true
Because in the nation we’re now # 2.

For a while things didn’t exactly go by the books
Because they arrested a lot more cops than crooks.

King Willie’s gone and the city badly needs a fix
Hey Myron what do you have in your bag of tricks.

I have an idea and I’ll only say this
Myron just show up and you can’t miss.