It Ain’t Easy Being a Pirates Fan

OK Bucco fans read em and weep
The Cardinals left town with a 4 game sweep.

There’s no second guessing,nothing to discuss
The fact remains they’re better than us.

Their pitching was on target,really great
They were always right around the plate.

And when they needed a hit,as if by command
There stood Albert with a bat in his hand.

On their way out of town they carefully took stock
And the NL playoffs are a dead certain lock.

No such luck for the Pirates–did you know
This will be our 17th losing season in a row.

But as bad as we are it is also understood
The Steelers are the opposite-just that good…

We can’t touch the World Series with a 10 foot pole
But we do plan on another trip to the Super Bowl.

So the Steelers are great but the Pirates can be had;
But you gotta admit one out of two ain’t all that bad.

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