Willie – Gone but not forgotten

Willie’s tenure as mayor has come to an end
And there are those who would contend;

That he had some faults and made some mistakes
But then no one’s perfect-for Heaven’s sakes.

Our taxes are the highest in the entire state
And the quality of government’s not all that great.

Because if you factor in corruption when all’s said and done
We’re in a class by ourselves-far and away #1.

Car inspections are easy,no waiting in line
Just bribe the clerk and you’ll be fine.

Violent crime is down,this is true
Because in the nation we’re now # 2.

For a while things didn’t exactly go by the books
Because they arrested a lot more cops than crooks.

King Willie’s gone and the city badly needs a fix
Hey Myron what do you have in your bag of tricks.

I have an idea and I’ll only say this
Myron just show up and you can’t miss.

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