Tigers to the Big East

R.C. Johnson is a most persistent guy;
He’s gonna give the Big East one more try.

The Tigers-some time ago-gave it their best shot
And -Great Scott-came up short like it or not.

But now they have a man whose influence counts
But his name-I’m afraid- is hard to pronounce.

The Tigers have had ethical troubles which is to say
Their bad reputation could stand in their way.

Getting tossed twice from the Final 4 is in the books
And that makes Memphis look like a bunch of crooks.

So I wish them well,I really do;
But I’m not holding my breath-how about you.

A Bad Day For The Volunteers

UT football is on the wane
I guess because in the main;

The Vols have little offense which is to say
They need a quarterback the worst kind of way.

Against UCLA Jonathan Compton wanted to make a point
But the truth of it is he stunk up the joint.

So, if the oddsmakers and right and I think they are
Florida Gators fans will gather from near and far;

To see their team slam the Volunteer
And stick the ball in Coach Kiffin’s ear.

The coach said bad things and then repeated
That he thought the Gators often cheated;

This made Florida fans mad and they’ll shout more-more;
As their team goes out and runs up the score.

It could be the Volunteers longest day
But they brought it on theirselves as Coach Murphy would say.

Change is on the Way

Tiger football no doubt has hit the wall
And is badly in need of an overhaul.

They lost to Middle Tennessee for Heaven’s Sake
And that was more than Tiger most fans could take.

The team is as they say-on the bubble
And those in charge are in serious trouble.

The one at fault is looming large
R.C. after all in the man in charge.

After the basketball fiasco I’m telling you
The Athletic Director is now 0 for 2.

There will be change but between now and then
It’s not a matter of if but a matter of when.

Miami 38, Florida State 34: How Sweet It Is

I can just hear Bobby Bowden saying-please,please spare us
From the awesome talents of Jacory Harris.

The kid from Miami passed and ran
Much to the delight of Miami Dan.

The Canes came from behind and grabbed the lead
And it looked like 4 points was all they’d need.

But the Noles didn’t quit-not on your life
They sliced thru the Miami defense like a butcher knife.

They had three tries from the 2 but all they found;
Two passes were high and the third hit the ground.

All wins are good but I gotta think somehow
A win at Florida State is-you know-WOW.

And for Miami coach Randy Shannon-let’s all say;
A great game coach-hip-hip-hooray.Hip-hip- hooray…

Tigers Appeal NCAA

The Tigers are going to appeal? Wait hold the phone
They had better leave well enough alone.

The U of M has been under the Calipari Curse
So when their appeal is rejected they’ll look that much worse.

As cheaters-let’s face it- the Tigers can do no more
Twice they’ve been kicked out of the Final Four.

Other guys may cheat,not do what they ought
But the Tigers are so inept they often get caught.

So-how about it-let’s go up to the very edge
And once and for all take the no cheaters pledge.

We will abide by all the rules and that is that;
Still, if they win their appeal-I’ll eat my hat.

Fake Jeff Weinberger on MSL

Fake Jeff Weinberger joins Kevin Cerrito and guest host Mike Bullard to talk about his thoughts, his twitter page, college football, and more.

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A Pirates Fan in September

If you’re a Pirates fan it’s a pretty safe bet
You’ve been saying to yourself-is it over yet?

It’s been another losing season as we all know
And 2009 makes seventeen (17) in a row.

Just one more stinkeroo in the record books
And from my vantage point here’s how it looks.

It’s the front office’s fault, the players they sign
Just don’t measure up-and that’s the bottom line.

So let’s get the General Manager busy on his twitter
And get us a 20 game winner and a .350 hitter.

Bob-oh-Boy that would be great-a lot of fun
But what are the chances-hey slim and none.

Jack’s Rhymes: The Mayoral Debate

I watched the mayoral debate of TV 5
And 10 candidates showed up to shuck and jive.

Myron and A.C. sort of bobbed and weaved;
And I wouldn’t bet that they are to be believed.

Jerry Lawler was brilliant-he came prepared,
But I’m not sure Kenneth Whalum fared.

Carol Chumney seemed poised but I did take note
I don’t think she gonna get my vote.

There were others involved and it’s a shame
But I can’t remember anyone’s name.

I thought Joe and Ursula stood above the crowd
And they sure did Action News 5 real proud.

After watching the debate here’s what I’m gonna do,
I’m going to vote for Willingham and you should too..

By Jack Eaton

A Tale of Two Coaches

Pitino and Calipari are a couple of good ‘ol Italian boys
Who set out to coach basketball and make some noise.

But lately they’ve both had a lot at stake
And they’ve made some news they didn’t care to make.

A bimbo accused Pitino of an adulterous act
And to his credit he admitted that it was a fact.

Calipari’s deal is different because you see
It involves cheating on Derek Rose’s ACT.

So Pitino admitted his guilt,Calipari did not
So right now here is what we’ve got.

The Tigers forfeit 38 wins and a trip to the Final 4
While Calipari is in Kentucky ready to go to war.

OK the one aspect of this I hesitate to discuss
What Pitino did to the bimbo, Coach Cal did to us.

From an Honorary Alumnus

In the annals of coaching it’s an easy call;
Coach Cal is the most crooked of all.

The Final Four is what its all about
He has been there twice and two times thrown out.

So he has a reputation for sure and if I were to guess
The folks at Kentucky could not care less.

Oh,he’ll win a lot of games and be the toast of the town
But when he leaves the banners will come crashing down.

Meanwhile back home where we were once world beaters
We are now thought of as just a bunch of cheaters.

Now I will admit that season a ticket is one thing I lack
But if I had one I’d darn sure give it back.