A Tale of Two Coaches

Pitino and Calipari are a couple of good ‘ol Italian boys
Who set out to coach basketball and make some noise.

But lately they’ve both had a lot at stake
And they’ve made some news they didn’t care to make.

A bimbo accused Pitino of an adulterous act
And to his credit he admitted that it was a fact.

Calipari’s deal is different because you see
It involves cheating on Derek Rose’s ACT.

So Pitino admitted his guilt,Calipari did not
So right now here is what we’ve got.

The Tigers forfeit 38 wins and a trip to the Final 4
While Calipari is in Kentucky ready to go to war.

OK the one aspect of this I hesitate to discuss
What Pitino did to the bimbo, Coach Cal did to us.

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