Jack’s Rhymes: The Mayoral Debate

I watched the mayoral debate of TV 5
And 10 candidates showed up to shuck and jive.

Myron and A.C. sort of bobbed and weaved;
And I wouldn’t bet that they are to be believed.

Jerry Lawler was brilliant-he came prepared,
But I’m not sure Kenneth Whalum fared.

Carol Chumney seemed poised but I did take note
I don’t think she gonna get my vote.

There were others involved and it’s a shame
But I can’t remember anyone’s name.

I thought Joe and Ursula stood above the crowd
And they sure did Action News 5 real proud.

After watching the debate here’s what I’m gonna do,
I’m going to vote for Willingham and you should too..

By Jack Eaton

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