The Canes – Bless Their Hearts

After drubbing Georgia Tech I gotta feel
That the ’09 Hurricanes are for real.

We beat Florida State to open the season
And it was for that very same reason

That Miami fans were hopeful that finally at last
We could over come our miseries of the recent past.

You see of the last 10 games played I’m telling you
Tech has won eight (8)-the Canes have won two (2)..

They took the early lead, they were up 3 zip
And that’s when the Hurricanes let her rip.

With Jacory Harris leading the attack
We scored early and often and never looked back.

33 to 17 was the final score
And I really think it could have been more.

But we have big games coming up and somewhere I read
Damn the torpedos-full speed ahead

And above all I want it understood
I don’t know that means but it sure sounds good….

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