Kansas 57, Memphis 55

If you’d have listened to experts or read the sports pages
The game was billed as the mis-match of the ages.

For the #1 Jayhawks it would be an easy win
They were so good they could phone it in.

But Coach Josh said-hey,a word to the wise
If we do it right we can beat these guys.

Now,we’ve gotta hit ’em hard and play it smart
And that’s what they did right from the start.

In the first half the Tigers got in some licks
And after 20 minutes Kansas led by only 6.

In the second half we held the Jayhawks feet to the fire
And everyone knew it would go down to the wire.

It was Kansas by two with seconds to play
And the game winning shot was on the way.

Tiger fans collectively held their breath
While Jayhawks fans were scared half to death.

Yeah the Tigers lost and I don’t mean to be crass
But if we’d have played Kentucky-we’d have kicked their _____________.

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