The Grizzlies, We Love ’em

The Grizzlies are amazing and it’s now a pretty safe bet
When they need a basket-it’s nothin’ but net.

NBA teams used to come to town with the notion
That Memphis would only go through the motion;

But now they bob and weave and shuck and jive
Just to get the heck out of here alive.

We have Zach and Marc and Rudy Gay
Not to mention Mike Conley and of course O.J.

They’re takin’ names and kickin’ butt
And Grizzlies fans,you wanna know what:

Our guys are playing for all they’re worth,
Fighting like the devil for a playoff berth.

The home court wining streak is lookin’ great
I’m a son-of-a-gun it’s now eleven straight.

So lets fill the Forum and let ’em know
We love our team-yeah-Go Grizzlies Go…..

A New Football Coach at UT

Did you hear what the UT Volunteers did
They went out and hired Vince Dooley’s kid.

He wasn’t the first choice so I’ve heard
As a matter of fact not even the second or third.

But he knows the game and his presence is commanding
So I guess one could say he was the last man standing.

He will have a tough job appeasing the Florida haters
He’ll have to go to Gainesville and whip the Gators.

But he’ll really get the Vols fans on his side
If he can do the same thing to the Crimson Tide.

Then beat Vandy and Kentucky and three or four more
And Great Scott they’ll beat a path do hid door.

Hail to Coach Dooley the #1 Volunteer
He is indeed the Redneck of the year.

UT-Wither Thou Goest-y’all

At Tennessee there is no longer any doubt
What- one and done- is all about.

The NBA said high school kids had to stay
One year before going to the NBA.

But at UT they took one step more
Great Scott the coach went out the door.

Hey-give Lane Kiffin a cotton pickin’ break
One year on the Hill was all he could take.

All those rednecks coming from far and wide
Griping when he lost to the Crimson Tide.

And when he lost to Florida I think I read
The rubes wanted to hand him his head.

So 2009 was a bad year in more ways than one
Because I feel sure that Phil Fulmer had a lot of fun.

Yo Gotti on MSL

Yo Gotti joined Kevin Cerrito and JM Hartelust to talk about his Memphis Tigers chain, 5 Star chicks, Southern hip-hop, and more.


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Click here to download  Yo Gotti’s MSL interview


Memphisport Live: 01.21.10

Hip-hop star Yo Gotti makes a surprise appearance and talks with Kevin and JM about his Memphis Tigers chain, 5 Star chicks, Southern hip-hop and more. An all new winner is crowned in “Who I See Last Night.” Plus, Grizzlies Community Investment Director Teresa Dickerson stops by to talk about the 1st annual Grizz Gala.

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Free Throws and Freedom Hall

The Tigers played in Syracuse and here’s my call,
It reminded me a lot of Freedom Hall.

Syracuse had so may foul shots that I contend
I was afraid the game would never end.

Had I been there I would have had to gripe
Every time they went to the charity stripe.

Thirty free throws put the Tiger in a fix
Seeing as how they managed a measly six.

So the Orangemen can take a big fat hike
I knew there was something I didn’t like.

Another game with Syracuse? let em stew;
Hey Orangemen don’t call us we’ll call you.

Ode To UT Basketball

How many words are there that rhyme with Thug?
I can think of-bug,jug,chug and even plug.

Now,there is a two word phrase that says it all,
Are you ready-yeah it’s Tennessee basketball.

Of course all UT players aren’t thugs but I will say
It sure as the devil seems that way.

Four were arrested,they were smokin’ dope and had a gun
Were these just high spirited kids havin’ fun?

No, I almost hate to say it- but what the heck I will
It was just another day up there on the Hill.

Now if Calipari coached at UT he’d avoid all the flap
By having a 3 hour course in Beating the Rap.

So Tennessee will be ready as the conference schedule nears
But they’ll probably be called the Thugs not the Volunteers.