A New Football Coach at UT

Did you hear what the UT Volunteers did
They went out and hired Vince Dooley’s kid.

He wasn’t the first choice so I’ve heard
As a matter of fact not even the second or third.

But he knows the game and his presence is commanding
So I guess one could say he was the last man standing.

He will have a tough job appeasing the Florida haters
He’ll have to go to Gainesville and whip the Gators.

But he’ll really get the Vols fans on his side
If he can do the same thing to the Crimson Tide.

Then beat Vandy and Kentucky and three or four more
And Great Scott they’ll beat a path do hid door.

Hail to Coach Dooley the #1 Volunteer
He is indeed the Redneck of the year.

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