Ode To UT Basketball

How many words are there that rhyme with Thug?
I can think of-bug,jug,chug and even plug.

Now,there is a two word phrase that says it all,
Are you ready-yeah it’s Tennessee basketball.

Of course all UT players aren’t thugs but I will say
It sure as the devil seems that way.

Four were arrested,they were smokin’ dope and had a gun
Were these just high spirited kids havin’ fun?

No, I almost hate to say it- but what the heck I will
It was just another day up there on the Hill.

Now if Calipari coached at UT he’d avoid all the flap
By having a 3 hour course in Beating the Rap.

So Tennessee will be ready as the conference schedule nears
But they’ll probably be called the Thugs not the Volunteers.

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