The Grizzlies, We Love ’em

The Grizzlies are amazing and it’s now a pretty safe bet
When they need a basket-it’s nothin’ but net.

NBA teams used to come to town with the notion
That Memphis would only go through the motion;

But now they bob and weave and shuck and jive
Just to get the heck out of here alive.

We have Zach and Marc and Rudy Gay
Not to mention Mike Conley and of course O.J.

They’re takin’ names and kickin’ butt
And Grizzlies fans,you wanna know what:

Our guys are playing for all they’re worth,
Fighting like the devil for a playoff berth.

The home court wining streak is lookin’ great
I’m a son-of-a-gun it’s now eleven straight.

So lets fill the Forum and let ’em know
We love our team-yeah-Go Grizzlies Go…..

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