Ode To Coach Cal

I’ve drawn a line in the sand and I will not budge
I gotta be honest because-I do hold a grudge.

Coach Cal is the target-he’s not a nice guy
And if you will stay tuned I’ll tell you why.

First of all he can’t coach,I know I’ll not be the same
After the way he handled that Kansas game.

Tiger fans were going crazy,I heard them shout;
For Heaven’s sake coach call a time out.

But no time out was called and the next time I looked
Sure as God made green apples out goose was cooked.

Then there is the Derrick Rose affair for all to see
Because he did not take his own ACT.

The NCAA found out and here’s their call
They want to nail our butts to the wall.

Calipari could care less with him it’s all ducky
He took off for a big job in Kentucky.

I don’t wish him physical pain or financial distress
But If you polled Tiger fans I would have to guess;

They’d hope for the Wildcats to find their final rhythm
And go straight to the Devil and take Cal with ’em.

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