Go, Vols, Go???

So I sat there in my den watching the game
When I realized that things were not the same.

Not the same,indeed,so help me man
I discovered that I’m a UT Volunteer fan.

If this is true I won’t know how to act
I’ve never been here before and that’s a fact.

But when they play Kentucky I want all to note
The Volunteers will always get my vote.

But that goes for Russia,China or even Iraq.
Any one playing Calipari-I’m gonna back.

When Coach Cal left for Kentucky he did us dirt
So it stands to reason whenever he gets hurt;

Some Tigers fans are pleased to see him frying
And those who don’t are probably lying.

So being a Tennessee fan is really tough
But one game as a Vol is more than enough.

Maybe the Volunteers will get another chance
Hey-it’ll be- Go Vols Go- if they meet in the Big Dance.

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