Northern Iowa 69, Kansas 67

Out in Lawrence they’re still is a state of shock
They thought the game was a dead sure lock.

Surely the Jayhawks had all they’d need;
Plus they were the overall # 1 seed.

And Coach Bill Self always knew just what to do
In a game situation his genius showed through.

But late in this game he took the following approach
Great Scott, John Calipari isn’t the other coach.

No, the northern Iowa coach never lost his cool
And he took the Jayhawks to basketball school.

So Self could out coach Calipari but I gotta feel
In the annals of the game it ain’t no big deal.

Yes, the Kansas Jayhawks title dreams are put on hold
Waiting for a another Calipari team to up and fold.

Meanwhile back in Memphis Josh Pastner is ready,loaded for bear
We’re comin’ after you Kansas so you’d better beware.

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