The Tigers NCAA Appeal

The Tigers NCAA appeal has apparently failed
And the University of Memphis is about to get nailed.

Derrick Rose is the problem and it’s a beaut;
A few years ago he was the #1 recruit.

We knew he could play,a blue chip lock
But we didn’t know he was dumb as a rock.

He failed the SAT twice in Chicago so they thought he could fake it
By going to Detroit and have someone else take it.

Someone passed the test but the NCAA knows
That person was not Derrick Rose.

I say Calipari engineered the whole rotten deal
And there are those of us who really feel;

He should be punished with serious jail time
But alas what he did is not a crime.

So Cal and Rose leave town with all the swag
And the Tigers are left holding the bag.

We are now known mainly for breaking a rule
And I guess we’re the #1 outlaw school.

Now that it’s over all I can say to you;
Is grin and bear it-that’s the best we can do..

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