West Virginia 73, Kentucky 66

God is in his Heaven and all is right
You see, Kentucky lost a basketball game tonight.

The Wildcats are the best team money can buy
And they sure enough gave it the old college try.

But they have a fault and West Virginia made it stick
You see Calipari can’t coach, not even a lick.

Kentucky’s 3 point shooting was bad,the Eaton curse
And their free throw shooting was even worse.

Meanwhile West Virginia was really hot wired
They hit their foul shots as time expired.

Fans in Memphis were thrilled,some how they knew
The Coach Cal was about to get his just due.

We’re all glad he lost,it’s an extra perk
Because you see the guy is really a jerk.

Eat your heart out Calipari you’re not the best
But maybe you can get someone else to take the test.

And one more thing Cal,I don’t want this to pass
Next year WE have the #1 recruiting class…

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