5Q with Pau Gasol

1. What are the biggest differences between Memphis and L.A.?
Los Angeles is much more bigger and livelier than Memphis, and I think there are way more beautiful women in L.A.

2. What do you miss most about Memphis?
I miss the good barbecue, man, and Beale Street.

3. Can you think of a reason why a Memphis fan might boo you when you come back to Memphis to play?
I play for L.A. Everybody loves to boo and trash-talk the world champions.

4. Will you ever shave the beard?
No. No time soon. Well…maybe when I retire from professional basketball.

5. Do you think your brother, Marc, will ever make an All-Star team?
I sure hope so. I would love to see that. As long as he continues to improve and learn the NBA, I can’t see why he wouldn’t make an All-Star roster.

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