A Day at Power Life

I, like most casual lifters, thought I knew enough about working out and my body to create a unique and effective workout. I make it to the gym five or six times a week, and do my best to watch what I eat. Do I cheat? Sure. Maybe have a midnight snack that I should not or head to the bars for a few hundred calories that are not needed.

It wasn’t until I entered Power Life Fitness that I realized how much this affected my body and overall health. Kelvin “York” Brown, the director of training and vice president of Power Life Fitness, not only understands how the body works, but also what a lifter needs to do to get the most out of his or her body.

In just a few short exercises, he challenged me in a way I haven’t felt in years. It felt like my first time lifting all over again. Beginning with a 15 minute conditioning exercise, York, profiled in the last issue of Memphis Sport, ran me through a series of muscle conditioning exercises.

“If you want to have a unique body, you have to have unique exercises,” York told me. Unique it was as he ran me through a 30 minute gridiron, challenging my upper body.  At no point during my brief stay at Power Life Fitness did I rest for more than 45 seconds. York challenged me through the bench press, and then quickly switched me over to dumb bells for one armed chest presses. After this, we moved to some unique exercises, one of which York labeled “windshield wipers”, before moving back to my chest.  This all ended with a five minute expenditure on the treadmill with one minute of jogging followed by a minute of walking.

The point of continuously moving and doing something, York claimed, was to keep my heart rate going so that my body would burn off more calories.

I don’t want you to think that York’s knowledge is limited to the gym. He has a Master Trainer Certification through NFPT which he utilizes to travel around the Mid-South to give lectures. His most recent one, held in Mississippi during an ice storm, saw trainers from all over Mississippi, including several colleges, for a two day symposium.

He’ll share this knowledge with the people he trains, just get him started. A fellow Memphis Sport employee brought up fast food, leading York to go on a tangent for several minutes that included not only what certain foods can do to the body, but also how that effects the recovery process later in life, red and white blood cells, and his own background. York impressed me with how he could just go on about any health or fitness related subject.

The bottom line with York and the staff at Power Life Fitness is that they are a group whose advice transcends the walls of their gym. While most places train people in the proper movements with weights, the staff at Power Life Fitness advices you on what to eat before a lift, as well as the rest of the day. If you want to get in shape and feel better about yourself, give Power Life Fitness a call and arrange a meeting.

Though I only went once, I have a feeling it won’t be the last time. Besides, I feel like York offered me a challenge. As I was leaving the gym, he handed me a card and said, “Call me in 36 hours. Let me know how you feel.” I will call him. As I lie motionless and sore in my bed.

By Andy Skrzat, Photo by Mike Bullard. For more details, call 901-454-0003, or visit Power Life Fitness’ website at powerlifefitness.net.

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