Brittany, Grizzlies Claw Crew

What inspired you to join the Claw Crew? I love basketball. I’m a basketball fanatic. Mixed with my crazy silly personality, it’s the best job you can ever have.

Is there an accuracy competition to see who gets to shoot the prize cannon? No. Most of the machines that we shoot at people are too big for me to handle. I’m usually the one pumping up the crowd and the guys get to shoot the gun.

Who would be your dream celebrity to shoot off the new celebrity prize cannon? My dream celebrity would be, I’d say, Usher. I could see him having fun with it.

Do you ever have nightmares about The Simpsons episode where Ned Flanders’ wife dies? No, I hope not.

When do you personally feel the need to “make some noise”?
I usually get really, really excited when we’re down 10 and I feel a comeback coming on, or when we’re in the lead.

Do you think “Ballroom Blitz” needs to be retired as the song for the Pepsi Ball Blaster? No. I zone out when we’re out there so I hear it, but I don’t really hear it. But, change is good.

What do you order at McDonald’s (Grizzlies Claw Crew sponsor)? I do go there frequently. I’ll eat the nuggets or Filet-O-Fish meal.

Where do you spend a typical night following a Grizzlies game? We go to Silver Spoon on Friday after a win. On a Saturday, win or lose, we go to a club called Level 2. During the week you can find me at the house. Shout out to the Claw Crew!

By Andy Skrzat, Photo by Chase Gustafson.

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