Ode To Big Ben

All us Steelers fans secretly know
That the time has come for Ben Roethlisberger to go.

The guy is a wierdo,a real pervert;
And if he keeps it up bound to get somebody hurt.

He has two or three shooters-sees a couple of chicks
And -bingo – is up to the same old tricks.

The NFL is upset and there is little doubt
That they would like to kick him out.

But here I think they’ll smile and then say-cheese;
Because multi million dollar QB’s don’t grow on trees.

They’re sure to fine him and I should mention
There will probably be a three or four game suspension.

The Steelers will be tougher and it’s a pretty safe bet
Will be looking for the best trade they can possibly get.

The Rooney’s run a tight ship and they’ll get a handle
Because the last thing they want is another sex scandal.

So it’s good-bye Ben,we love you and that’s a fact
We just hope and pray you clean up your act.

If you don’t I think I can say without fail
You’re gonna wind up sitting in jail.

As for the Steelers -I have been quietly told
Tim Tebow will look good in Black and Gold.

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