Should the Grizzlies Trade for CDR?

JM: The Ronnie Brewer deal was not a bad one at all, but the Grizzlies could’ve also acquired Chris Douglas-Roberts who is just as good on the court and already extremely popular in this city.

Kevin: I hate to break it to you and all of Tiger Nation, but CDR is not just as good as a healthy Ronnie Brewer. All season long, CDR has been struggling to get good minutes on the NBA’s worst team.

JM: Struggling to get good minutes? I don’t think so. CDR averages 28.9 and Brewer 31. Plus, CDR averages more points in those fewer minutes. He’s also younger and makes less money. So, how in the world would he not have been the better fit?

Kevin: For one, Brewer can play more positions than CDR. Plus, he has more NBA and playoff experience. This Grizzlies team is overloaded with young players with potential. Brewer brings valuable versatility and experience off the bench. Brewer is also from this area and will generate more fan interest from the state of Arkansas.

JM: More fan interest from Arkansas? Really? I’m pretty sure the Grizzlies need more fan interest from Memphis before they start concerning themselves with another state. And if they want more interest from this city, one of the most beloved Tigers of the past decade would be a good start.

Kevin: History has shown that former Tigers (Antonio Burks) who play insignificant minutes don’t draw people to the box office. It is too bad Reke Havoc fell to the Kings. He would have been money on and off the court in the Land of the Grizz.

JM: Reke Havoc would have been amazing and it’s too bad the Grizzlies didn’t pick him. But CDR is a much better player than Antonio Burks and he would be getting plenty of minutes.

Kevin: Maybe so, but the Grizzlies can improve their roster without adding a former Tiger.

The Grizzlies need to ignore the jerseys that the players wore in college and just focus on getting good players who fit the needs of the team.

JM: Clearly you just don’t want a former Tiger on the team. Because on paper, Brewer is not definitively better than CDR. Admit it–you just don’t like the Tigers.

Kevin: Untrue. I would much rather have a former Memphis Tiger on the roster than another former UConn Husky. I am just able to think outside of the Tiger box. You would like Mike Conley if he were a former Tiger.

JM: Completely untrue. Everyone knows I’m also a Buckeye fan, and I still think Mike Conley should not be the starting point guard for this team or any other team in the NBA.

Kevin: You have to consider the risk vs. the reward. It is dangerous for the Grizz to draft a beloved former Tiger who may not play. The Grizzlies would run the risk of a backlash from Tiger fans that over value the pro talent potential of CDR.

JM: Why wouldn’t he play? That just doesn’t make sense. Maybe he wouldn’t start, but there’s no reason he wouldn’t get at least 25 minutes off the worst bench in the history of the NBA.

Kevin: CDR is very vocal on Twitter when he gets upset. You don’t want him turning the Grizz and Tiger fan bases against each other on the World Wide Web. Everyone with a Twitter account knows CDR is unhappy in New Jersey.

JM: Of course, I have a Twitter. I know it. Who would be happy in New Jersey? Whether you’re playing for the Nets or not?

Kevin: Unfortunately for Kentucky fans, John Calipari and John Wall may both be happy in New Jersey after this season.

JM: Haha. You may be right. Cal may even try to sell his next recruiting class to a different team this time. Too bad his recruiting class is not as good as Josh Pastner’s.  M

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