It Still Bugs Me–I Can’t Let it Go

It’s gonna take more than a gentle nudge
For me to get over my Calipari grudge..

It doesn’t take a genius to do the math
To see how he took us down the Primrose Path.

He is a cheat because it was at his behest
That someone else took Rose’s college entrance test.

The NCAA found out and those pompous guys
Hit us hard,right between the eyes.

They sure didn’t think it was very funny
They took away 38 wins and a ton of money.

They they up and did one thing more;
They kicked us out of the Final 4.

But Kentucky hired him anyway,they don’t care
They cheated a long time before he got there.

So Coach Cal and Kentucky I think can say
Are now the Bonnie and Clyde of the NCAA.

As for me,I’ll be a new creation
When the Wildcats are finally put on probation.

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