Shannon, Memphis Redbirds’ Redhot

What is the one word that best describes you? Loud. I’m the type of girl that at first is pretty shy but once you get to know me I’m one of those that never shuts up.

What’s your ideal summer day? Probably sitting by a pool with a People magazine in my hand and listening to my iPod.

What kind of music would you be listening to? Country, pop, songs from musicals. It’s a little bit of everything on there.

Why did the RedHots switch from being a dance team to being more of a promotional team? My understanding was that management or the squad director changed. The first girl was more a coach person and Jessica McDaniels, the person currently in charge of the Redhots, is more of a promotion-centered person.

What is your favorite promotion to do? We have a brand new one this year that is called Backyard Burger Build-a-Burger. I don’t participate but we have people who put on stuff like hotdog buns and Styrofoam condiments, and build a hotdog or hamburger with a bun on the ground to win.

What is your favorite food? Probably chicken quesadillas. It’s so good, it’s one of those foods that it looks so good and you know you shouldn’t eat it, but you still do. I’m really picky about my chicken quesadillas because I can’t have any onions or tomatoes on them. Just chicken and cheese.

Who is your favorite Redbird? Jon Jay. I like him, just because he’s a little guy. You don’t often see baseball players who are short and stocky, and I like the song he comes out to.

Red Hots, Big Red or red M&Ms? Red M&Ms because they’re not spicy. And it has to be peanut not regular or else I’d have to change my answer.

By Andy Skrzat, Photo by Chase Gustafson.

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