Should the Grizzlies move O.J. Mayo to the point?

Kevin: The Grizzlies need to try moving O.J. Mayo to the point guard position. Mayo is the best player on the team and right now he isn’t getting enough touches. If he is bringing the ball up the court, he is guaranteed a touch every possession.

Marcus: Bad idea. O.J. doesn’t have point guard skills. He is a turnover waiting to happen. And making him a point will only add to that. The Grizzlies need a guy who can fill it up. O.J. is the only one who can. Take that away and they lose that deep shooter.

Kevin: The Juice hasn’t been given the opportunity to prove whether or not he has point guard skills. Lionel Hollins has been too busy playing a guy at point who we all know has very little NBA point guard skills.

Marcus: Mayo led the team with 2.15 turnovers a game last year. Yeah, he was second on the team with assists, but that’s because when he got the ball out on the wing he was able to dish it down low to one of the big guys. He is a good two guard. Why not work on making him a great two guard?

Kevin: It is easier to find a shooter for your team than it is to find someone with lifelong NBA skills like Mayo. Plus, typical NBA shooting guards are around 6’7”. O.J. is a short 6’4”. His size makes it harder for him to dominant his current position.

Marcus: I will admit O.J. is an undersized shooting guard. If he had point guard abilities, he could be a Deron Williams type. I just don’t have confidence that O.J. can be that good at the point guard position. The way this team is set up, they don’t need a point guard who is going to score a lot of points. They need a game manager. And that’s what Mike Conley was doing later in the year. I think Conley can be a good serviceable point in this league. He just needs teammates and fans that believe in him. So far in Memphis, he hasn’t gotten that.

Kevin: See that is where we disagree. I think Marc Gasol, Zach Randolph, Rudy Gay, and O.J. Mayo could all someday be starters on a championship team. Mike Conley, not so much. The Grizzlies need to upgrade the point guard position in order to move to the next level.

Marcus: The big question before last season was if there would be enough balls to go around. They were able to make it work with the guys they had because they had a point guard who didn’t demand the ball. If you move O.J. to point, the Grizzlies will need to bring in the perfect roll guy to keep it together. I don’t think they could get lucky like that again.

Kevin: Do you remember the last time a basketball team in this city moved its best player from shooting guard to the point?

Marcus: Yeah, he went on to become the 2010 NBA Rookie of the Year. If the Grizzlies would have drafted that player, he wouldn’t have been Rookie of the Year, but the Grizz would have made the playoffs.

Kevin: Not drafting ‘Reke or Rubio in last year’s draft has delayed the progress of this team. I am not sold on Mike Conley being able to lead the Grizz to a playoff win. Maybe drafting or trading for a point guard is the way to go. I just think the Grizzlies need a change at point, and right now with this roster, O.J. is the best option.

Marcus: With this roster, Mayo would be a good guy to have run point when you need to go with a bigger line up, but I don’t think he should be the main guy at the point. How nice would it be if this team still had Juan Carlos Navarro?

Kevin: One thing is for sure— Grizzlies fans should be glad that Kevin McHale was such a horrible G.M. I doubt we would be arguing about whether or not Kevin Love should be moved to the point.

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