Memphisport Live: 08.31.10

KevinMarcus and Andy give their official predictions for  the 2010 college football season.

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Hannah, University of Memphis Dance Team

Why did you choose Memphis? I chose Memphis because it’s close to home and they have an awesome dance team; number two in the country.

Would you rather hit a grand slam or have Denny’s GS for life? Definitely a grand slam in real life.

What is your perfect food grand slam? That would have to be hot wings, spicy fries, sweet tea from McDonald’s–you’re welcome for the free ad–and some Sour Patch Kids.

What do you think the new mascot should be for Ole Miss? They should be the Frat Daddies. Everyone there is all about fraternities and sororities so it fits perfectly!

Would you rather be at a basketball game with a small crowd or one at the FedEx forum? Definitely a big crowd. Not only does that pump everyone in the stands up, but also the players and us.

What’s your favorite part about being on the dance team? Going to Nationals in January. We finished second this year in pom, a category they just brought back, and hip hop.

What do you think should be done about the Liberty Bowl? Knock it down!

What’s your major? Dance Education.

What do you plan on doing after graduation? I would love to work at an dance art school or, hopefully, open up my own studio.

Most embarrassing moment? That would be my first basketball game. I was a freshman and totally forgot everything I was supposed to do.

What’s one improvement you’d like to see as a member of the dance team? I want to win Nationals. I know it’ll happen this year. We have the girls and the talent to do it.

If you could eat at one fast food chain for the rest of your life, which would it be? Wendy’s. I love dipping their fries into the frosty.

You’re at the gym and need a song to get you through to end your work out. What is the worst song that you could hear at that moment? Anything by Lady Gaga.

The University of Memphis Dance Team has become a Grand Slam Winner this year. Four years in a row the Dance Team has won the award for Favorite Spirit Squad.  By Andy Skrzat, Photo by Michael Cardwell.

Is Rudy Gay’s New Deal a Good or Bad Move?

JARVIS GREER, Action News 5 Sports Director
Jarvis Greer has become a Grand Slam Winner this year. Four years in a row he has won the award for Favorite Sports Television Personality. See all the award winners on page 18.

Five Years at $82 Million? What’s all the fuss about?

Many so-called “fans” out there said Grizzlies Owner Michael Heisley would not pay to keep Rudy. Heisley said all along he wasn’t letting him go.

These “fans” said, when Rudy’s contract was up he couldn’t wait to get out of Memphis. I never heard him say that and I’m around the team about as much as anyone not employed by the team.

Rudy likes it here and has said to me personally he wants to stay. So, now Rudy’s here and Heisley’s paying to keep him. Again, what’s all the fuss about?

Plus, the Grizz knew Gay’s suitors included not only Minnesota, but New York, New Jersey, and Miami, (whom he put 41 on last season.) All are destination locations with about $30 million each to spend on free agency.

Chris Wallace, the Grizzlies GM, says those teams had the capability to “front load” a deal for Rudy that could’ve paid him as much as $24 million for the first season! That would cause cash flow problems for the home team to match.

Rudy had the advantage of timing in this free agent lalapalooza.

The NBA is about scoring. Memphis just locked up a scorer. You win with people that can put the ball in the basket. Rudy can get you 20 just about every night.

The Grizzlies just spent four years cultivating this kid. He’s only 23 and he’s finally got a head coach in Lionel Hollins who believes in him. (Fratello didn’t believe in playing rookies, Iavaroni ignored him, and Barone, Sr. was an interim.)

You want the Grizzlies to become the Clippers? Owner Donald Sterling was notorious for letting really good players walk after their rookie deals expired.

Some facts. Rudy is one of only seven players in the league to average right at 20ppg and at least 1.5 steals a game.

He is a big shot taker and a big shot maker at the end of games. He’s won several for us on last second shots, and/or had big fourth quarters to get us back or keep us in games.

Plus, Gay’s deal could’ve been bigger. As his original team, the Grizzlies could’ve offered six years at $96 million. No other team could do that.

As it stand now, should the Grizzlies want to move him in the future, this deal is not crazy considering the money being tossed around to other free agents.

For those of you who think Gay, who balked at the five years at $50 million the Grizz offered before last season, would’ve taken, say $65 mill? C’mon! Gay and his agent knew their position and the money that would be available once the 2010 free agent floodgates opened.

Five years at $82 Million? I say money well spent.

CHRIS VERNON, Host of the Chris Vernon Show on 730 ESPN Radio
Chris Vernon has become a Grand Slam Winner this year. Four years in a row he has won the award for Favorite Sports Radio Personality as well as Favorite Sports Radio Program. See all the award winners on page 18.

The Grizzlies signing Rudy Gay to five years at $82 million was a big mistake.

When you are in a small market, and you are on a strict budget, it is worse to overpay second-tier players than to let them walk. When you overpay second-tier players in a small market you then lock yourself into having a team with a low ceiling. We have seen this happen in Memphis before when the Grizzlies made the exact same mistake with Pau Gasol. You may have heard people say that you cannot let Rudy walk because Pau went on to become a consistent All-Star, an NBA champion, blah blah blah.

Pau plays for a team that spends $91 million in payroll!  The Lakers can afford to pay enough for the players around him. Nobody that understands how the Grizzlies operate in regard to the salary cap can possibly justify paying Rudy Gay a maximum deal.

Looking at what happened in free agency and comparing the Rudy deal to other guys that are not worth what they got is flawed, and I heard this argument quite a bit when people were attempting to justify the max contract.

There were several crazy deals given out, and I understand that Rudy is not the only guy that got overpaid, but the harsh reality is that teams that give out crazy deals either suffer, or spend their way out of it.

Which do you think the Grizzlies will do? Do you think Michael Heisley is going to spend his way out of this mistake? Give me a break.

If some other team was willing to give Rudy Gay a crazy contract, the Grizzlies should have let them. The team didn’t learn from their mistakes, and it is the Pau deal all over again.

The Grizzlies signing Rudy Gay to five years at $82 million was a big mistake. Rudy is a good guy and I am happy for him as a person, but he should wear a ski mask to pick up his check. The contract they gave him is insane.

Kevin Cerrito and Marcus Hunter, the hosts of the Memphis Sport Live radio program, will be back next issue, but they can still be heard every Tuesday at 6pm on Sports 56 WHBQ. Podcasts of the broadcasts can be found online at

On Eagle’s Wings

St. Benedict at Auburndale High School has certainly had its fair share of great athletes. The Soaring Eagles Track Club continues that tradition with members who are or have been a part of SBA athletics. The club, which is coached by SBA Head Track Coach Dianna Cervetti, competed recently in the Junior Olympics Track and Field Meet at Brentwood High School (Nashville).

Though there are a number of events involved in the Junior Olympics program, athletes have the opportunity to progress all the way to the National Championships in Sacramento, CA.

All six Soaring Eagles competed at either the intermediate (ages 14-15) or young men/women (ages 16-18) levels and every one of them earned top three by medals along with a spot in the Regional Level July 10-11 in Monroe, LA.

Those advancing from the intermediate level were Aaron Caprio, a sophomore who earned second place in pole vault, Alexa Armstrong, another sophomore who took second place in both the 800M and 1500M as well as fourth in the triple jump and another sophomore in Colin Pitawanakwat, who grabbed third place in the 3000M. The young men/women level saw senior Michael Caprio nab first place in pole vault, Brad Pitawanakwat, a University of Alabama at Lakeland freshman, bring home first place in both the 1500M and 5000M, and senior Luke James earn third place in the 800M.

With great talent, dedication and coaching, there’s no doubt these Eagles will continue to soar both during and after their SBA years.

By Jan Michael Hartelust.

The Memphis Sport Holes Of Fame, Back Nine

We started the deabte last issue with the front nine of Memphis Sport’s first ever edition of the Holes of Fame–the very best holes of golf in the entire Mid-South area. This issue we finish things off with the back nine.

Have a comment or question about the Memphis Sport Holes of Fame? Send me an email at

Note: All yardages are from the back tees.

10. Windyke Country Club West Course No. 9
Par 4 – 355 yards

The back nine opens up with much the same verve as the front nine closed. Another par 4 – the only back-to-back par 4’s on the course – starts off what will be an extremely challenging back nine. At 355 yards, length is not the concern with this hole. Not only is the front of the green protected entirely by water, but there are also bunkers surrounding it, requiring an extremely accurate approach. This hole brilliantly proves that par 4’s don’t have to be pushing the 500-yard mark to be difficult.

11. The Club at Northcreek No. 13
Par 5 – 491 yards

Without a doubt, the attention grabber on this hole for most will be the double green it shares with Northcreek’s No. 15 and the cart path that ventures underneath it – the only such green in the world. But there are plenty of other standout features to this truly links-style hole. “You have to hit a draw off the tee, which is tough for most people,” said Golf Pro Alan Hickam. The dogleg left shape to the hole certainly provides challenges off the tee and on the approach shot, with bunkers in play both in the fairway and in the front and back of the green.

12. Plantation Golf Club No. 18
Par 4 – 437 yards (Pictured on page 13)

This 437-yard par 4 can play either longer or shorter, depending on how daring you want to get with your tee shot. A relatively wide fairway is guarded on the left by a large lake and on the right by bunkers. “The left side of the fairway will give you a shorter approach, but bring the water into play,” said Golf Pro Quincy Morrison. “But the right side makes for a longer, more difficult shot to an elevated green.” The approach will have to go over the lake no matter which side of the fairway you’re on, but the green slopes back to front and is also protected by a bunker on the front left.

13. Colonial Country Club South Course No.12
Par 3 – 230 yards

To say this is a long and difficult par 3 would be putting it mildly. Yes 230 yards is a long tee shot for most average golfers, but throw in the fact that those 230 yards are all carry over water which also happens to cozy up right to the front of the green and you’ve got not only an incredibly difficult hole to play, but one that is just as hard to visualize from the tee box. Golf is mostly played in those six inches between your ears and this hole will put pressure on every one of them.

14. Ridgeway Country Club No. 18
Par 5 – 550 yards

This fantastically difficult par 5 is the start of a brutal five-hole closing stretch to our Memphis Holes of Fame. A large lake and two fairway bunkers linger to the right, a smaller lake guards the left and yet another lake stares right back at you from the middle, around 300 yards out. Reaching this green in two shots is made more difficult by an approach that will probably range between 260 and 290 yards. A large oak tree stands guard in front of the green, ready to swat down any wayward approaches.

15. Stonebridge Golf Club No.6
Par 5 – 578 yards

This hole is intimidating right from the start. Trees border both sides of a fairway that winds slightly to the left and back to the right to an elevated green. Water comes into play on the left side of the fairway and again on the right near the green. With a bunker also protecting the front of the green, this hole provides a number of challenges, not the least of which is its length. Three smart, well-played shots could result in a birdie opportunity. Hit one bad shot, however, and you could be ripping up your scorecard.

17. Quail Ridge No.6
Par 3 – 220 yards

Our first par three is a difficult one. Its 220 yards provides the first challenge in club selection on the tee box. That’s a long way for average golfers who will probably have to decide between a long iron and a fairway metal. The elevated tee box is tucked into the trees, giving an almost claustrophobic feel. The area around the green opens up, but there is trouble with a bunker short left and another on the right. There is also a drop off behind the back-to-front sloping green, making short the much safer and smarter play.

18. Spring Creek Ranch No. 18
Par 5 – 564 yards

The finishing hole of this dream course is both beautifully brilliant and spectacularly challenging. Don’t let the clear, flowing water of Spring Creek – which babbles along the entire left side of the fairway – lull you into a state of golfing bliss because you’ll need all of your wits about you for this one last task. The undulating fairway could both help or hurt depending on where you land, so it’s probably best to avoid getting too close to the creek. The right side, however, offers little respite with woods lining most of the trek to the green. Most golfers will be laying up, which will set up a slightly uphill approach to a bunker-protected green. Par at this finisher is a great score. A birdie is like stealing. And bogey or worse is probable.

16. The Links at Cottonwoods No. 16
Par 3 – 181 yards

The attention-grabbing view from the tee box includes an amazing view of the Harrah’s Resort in the backdrop. This daunting tee shot has water seemingly everywhere, as it protects nearly the entire green. Somehow there is room for three bunkers between all that water and the green, with bunkers front right, back right and back left. While the distance of this hole may be somewhat more manageable some of the other par 3’s on our course, the amount of trouble promises to wreck havoc on most scorecards.

By Jan Michael Hartelust, Photo by Michael Cardwell.

Prince Mongo Presents the Fourth Annual M Awards

It’s been an eventful year for sports in Memphis. From UFC, to Allen Iverson (who?), to a quick dose of reality for Tiger basketball. There have been shake-ups in Memphis sports media and even a case of life imitating art when Lionel Hollins gave Jarvis Greer a #thundastick during a post-game press conference.

And in the 2010 M Awards, we have a little bit of it all — repeat winners who don’t look like they’re going anywhere, new winners who will probably hold the crown as long as they never bolt for Kentucky and a few new winners that are tough to swallow.

A number of winners this year join an exclusive club — not one of these 4-time winners have ever lost their respective categories. Prince Mongo, heir to the throne of Zambodia, has transported himself in to bless the M Awards with his presence. Prince Mongo wanted to make some out of this world comments on these “grand slam” winners. So we obliged his highness. Without further ado, the winners of the 4th Annual M Awards winners.

The always entertaining and often controversial Price Mongo gave his first major interview since the 2009 election LIVE in studio on the Tuesday, June 29, 2010 edition of Memphis Sport Live (MSL). As part of his appearance, Mongo took phone calls and answered questions from fellow “spirits.” Listen to the full audio of the interview at and tune in to MSL with Kevin Cerrito and Marcus Hunter every Tuesday at 6:00 PM on Sports 56 WHBQ.

Most Memorable Moment And by “memorable,” we’re sure you all mean: “holy-canola-oil-we’re-glad-that-slimeball-Calipari-lost.” But we’ll stick with “memorable.” Yeah, that’s it.

Kentucky Losing  in the NCAA Tournament (March 27, 2010) – 32.94%
Tommy West Farewell Press Conference (November 9, 2009) – 21.24%
UFC comes to Memphis (December 12, 2009) – 14.21%

Moment We Would Most Like To Forget Embarrassing and hilarious, Allen Iverson was labeled a “bench player” before he even got to Memphis. He would never play a game in Memphis.

Allen Iverson’s short Grizzlies career – 27.91%
The nationally televised and low attended Memphis vs. ECU game in the rain – 19.27%
Tigers losing to Ole Miss in the NIT – 15.95%

Favorite Concessions

Barbeque nachos, beer, hot dogs, hummus, veggie dogs, paninis and bruschetta. The variety in AutoZone Park’s concessions dwarfs all of its competitors combined. You can go vegetarian for the first half of the game, dive into some Memphis barbeque in the second half and top it off with soft serve before you leave — and you still won’t even be close to having tried it all.

AutoZone Park – 46.96%
FedExforum – 33.5%
Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium and LP Field (tie) – 5.91%

Favorite Place to Tailgate We’re using the term “tailgate” loosely, but, a world-famous cobblestone street decorated with various watering holes, and overflowing with intoxicating spirits does sound a little bit better than a parking lot in Orange Mound.

Beale Street – 24.7%
Highland Hundred Parking Lot – 21.61%
The Grove – 16.47%

Favorite Race Memphis’ best-attended race is the most popular. That is, unless you’re one of those downtowners who can’t get out of your garage because someone’s cramping and eating an orange in the middle of the street.

St. Jude Marathon – 42.69%
Race for the Cure – 22.89%
Redbirds Jumbotron Red, Blue and Green Car Race – 10.33%

Best Game Kobe dropped 44 and became the leading scorer in Laker history, hometown product Lester Hudson had 11 in the third quarter, and Kobe even deferred on the final possession. In the end, Rudy Gay hit the big 3-pointer and helped the Grizzlies to a big home win.

Grizzlies Beat The Champs – Grizzlies 95, Lakers 93 (February 1, 2010) – 28.93%
Memphis wins over St. John’s in the NIT (March 14, 2010) – 22.84%
Tigers 55 vs. Kansas 57 (November 17, 2009) – 22.17%

Favorite Sporting Venue Not only is it the best venue in the city, but it’s one of the better venues in all of basketball. The beer’s not cheap and the pro team needs to improve, but it’s so much more comfortable than the Pyramid. Now if we can just get someone over there to stop making them check upper-level tickets for Monday night games between the Grizzlies and the Pacers…

FedExForum – 54.53%
AutoZone Park – 25.04%
Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium – 7.08%

Favorite Annual Event There was standing room only outside the FedExForum before the doors opened. Once they did, we all watched Yo Gotti teach first-year coach Josh Pastner how to look for a five-star chick.

Memphis Madness – 37.31%
St. Jude Championship – 19.9%
Redbirds 4th of July Fireworks Game – 14.76%

Best Place to Stock Up for the Big Game Grab the beer, brats and charcoal… and maybe an Ice for your bros.

Kroger – 41.22%
Buster’s Liquor – 25.51%
Schnucks – 13.51%

Favorite Local Sports Bar/Restaurant Seat yourself, watch a game and woof down a Huey Burger. A greasy slice of heaven. The steak fries are grossly underrated.

Huey’s – 37.91%
Brookhaven Pub – 18.52%
TJ Mulligan’s – 12.69%

Favorite National Sports Bar/Restaurant B-Dubs. BWW. Buffalo Wild Wings. Whatever you call it, gotta love the cheap wing nights at this grand slam winner. With joints all over town and (hopefully) at least one cheap beer special going on, B-Dubs is the voters’ choice.

Buffalo Wild Wings – 36.58%
Flying Saucer – 22.74%
Fox and Hound – 18.46%

Best Place to Eat Before/After the Game Huey’s is pretty much a staple when it comes to sports, food and booze.

Huey’s – 30.09%
The Kooky Canuck – 21.54%
Rendezvous – 21.71%

Best Place to Take the Team after a Victory Something about Midtown and East Memphis just scream thin crust.

Memphis Pizza Café – 35.9%
Mellow Mushroom – 17.34%
Garibaldi’s – 14.89%

Favorite Bowling Alley Once again, Billy Hardwick’s bowls a perfect game.

Billy Hardwick’s All Star Lanes – 36.98%
Cordova Bowling Center – 19.49%
Bartlett Lanes – 16.58%

Favorite Place to Play Cards Nothing like topping off a hot streak in blackjack with a walk down to Paula Deen’s buffet.

Harrah’s Tunica – 29.47%
Horseshoe Casino & Hotel – 27.31%
Gold Strike Casino – 14.93%

Favorite Golf Course Why’d you have to go and take over the game like that, Justin Timberlake? He’s got the other courses “crying him a river.” Get it?!?

Mirimichi – 23.21%
TPC Southwind – 21.47%
The Links at Galloway – 19.54%

Favorite Golf Store Dick’s narrowly takes home the title for “store where you most like to kill time and go play with the new putters on the artificial greens.”

Dick’s Sporting Goods – 30.1%
Edwin Watts Golf – 28.08%
Double Eagle Golf – 13.94%

Favorite Sporting Goods Store Big box takes the cake. Best place to putt, suit up in catcher’s gear and roller skate across the store.

Dick’s Sporting Goods – 42.93%
The Sports Authority – 20.67%
Bass Pro Shops – 16.08%

Favorite Sports Apparel Store They’re close to one in the same, but the Tiger Gift Shop takes the title. Perhaps thanks to Dave Woloshin’s commercials.

Tiger Gift Shop – 31.93%
Tiger Book Store – 25.26%
College Station – 12.46%

Favorite Healthy Store Vegetarian? Fresh food snob? A lot better at being healthy than the rest of us? Those who are head to Whole Foods Market.

Whole Foods Market – 33.89%
Fresh Market – 30.02%
Smoothie King – 13.63%

Favorite Martial Arts Facility Memphis Judo and Jiu-Jitsu dominated this category. This was a TKO in round one.

Memphis Judo and Jiu-Jitsu – 34.27%
USA Karate – 18.08%
Midtown Taekwondo – 11.74%

Favorite Bike Shop The Peddler once again takes the yellow jersey in the Tour de M Awards.

Peddler Bike Shop – 34.16%
Midtown Bike Co. – 20.7%
Outdoors, Inc. – 15.53%

Favorite Place to Spend a Nice Afternoon For an afternoon stroll with the pooch or alongside the bison, voters prefer Shelby Farms.

Shelby Farms – 30.52%
The Memphis Zoo – 29.54%
The Bluff at AutoZone Park – 19.93%

Favorite Workout Facility You could stand in the lobby and do the dance or probably even sign up for a class and do it with 100 other people at the same time.

YMCA – 29.43%
Germantown Athletic Club – 15.85%
ATC Fitness – 12.08%

Best Local Sports Twitter Despite a relentless campaign by the runner-up, Memphis’ own national columnist took home the award in commanding fashion. A nice recovery after falling short in a number of other categories.

@GaryParrishCBS – 34.11%
@FantasyTillery – 18.22%
@cdouglasroberts – 14.19%

Best Local Sports Blogsite Nowhere can you find more in-depth information about Tiger basketball recruiting. Be it this year’s class, next year’s or several years down the line, Memphis Roar has it all.

Memphis Roar ( – 28.9%
Chris Vernon’s Blog ( – 19.65%
The Memphis Edge ( – 18.69%

Favorite Sports Radio Personality Just listen to Memphis basketball coach Josh Pastner — Chris Vernon should be an NBA general manager. Vernon is the longtime most outspoken, grand slam-winning radio personality in Memphis, offering advice and commentary to Grizzlies general manager Chris Wallace from himself and his listeners on a regular basis. He’s withstood multiple lineup and station shake-ups and is still voters’ choice for favorite sports radio personality.

Chris Vernon, The Chris Vernon Show – 33.51%
Gary Parrish, The Gary Parrish Show with Geoff Calkins – 27.21%
“Boat” Woloshin, Sportime and Sportstime Extra – 15.86%

Favorite Sports Radio Program Utterly hilarious guests (read: Sonny Vaccaro) make the afternoons from 3-6 p.m. all the more enjoyable. But what’s gotten the Chris Vernon Show to grand slam status is consistent quality. The show brings to the table and breaks more Grizzlies news than your average afternoon radio show. But don’t tell him that. He might go on full segment-long rant about it and use it to explain why OJ Mayo should start at point guard.

The Chris Vernon Show – 35.96%
The Gary Parrish Show with Geoff Calkins – 27.9%
Sportstime with George Lapides and “Boat” Woloshin – 9.18%

Favorite Sports Television Personality Jarvo isn’t afraid to ask Lionel Hollins tough questions or to receive the subsequent #thundastick to the dome. Heck, he even got Hollins to apologize to him. From the windmill-finger point combo at the end of his sports segment to the smile that never goes away, Jarvo has no competition on the sports television airwaves. And for that, he’s all but untouchable in this category.

Jarvis Greer, Action News 5 Sports Director – 31.15%
Jerry “The King” Lawler, Monday Nght RAW – 20.77%
Greg Gaston, FOX 13 Sports Anchor – 15.30%

Best Uniforms Though they’re painfully difficult to read and look more like silk bed sheets, they’re one of the bigger Grizzlies marketing successes since Allen Iverson. Oh wait…

Grizzlies Beale Street Blue Alternates – 34.74%
Tennessee Titans Oiler Throwbacks – 25.14%
Redbirds Blue Jerseys – 17.66%

Best Hair Unless you’re from Memphis, you probably can’t read what’s written in Doneal Mack’s hair. And unless you’re from Memphis, you probably think it’s pretty stupid. But we are from Memphis, so it’s awesome. Even better than Gary Parrish’s ensemble.

Doneal Mack, UofM Basketball – 23.69%
Gary Parrish, The Gary Parrish Show – 22.01%
RC Johnson, UofM Athletic Director – 21.83%

Favorite Mascot The mascot for the city’s most popular team. Stunning. But did you know this — Chris Douglas-Roberts still has a photo of Pouncer as the screensaver on his iPhone.

Pouncer, UofM – 26.58%
Grizz, Memphis Grizzlies – 24.12%
TOM III, 22.54%

Favorite Spirit Squad Makes you wonder — what really goes into being the “favorite” spirit squad? Gotta be the personality.

Memphis Tigers Dance Team – 37.55%
Memphis Tigers Cheerleaders – 16.25%
Memphis Tigers Blue Crew – 11.73%

Favorite Fighter or Wrestler The King still gets in the ring, doles out gratuitous numbers of piledrivers and pulls the strap down when it comes time to defend the crown.

Jerry “The King” Lawler, WWE Commentator and Wrestler – 46.39%
Quinton “Rampage” Jackson – 31.19%
Dustin Starr, Local Wrestler – 10.53%

Favorite Golfer Good ol’ boy John has a lock on this one with Timberlake right on his heels. Who would have thought that Tiger Woods would take over John’s mantle as the bad boy of golf this year.

John Daly, PGA Tour – 27.7%
Justin Timberlake – Mirimichi owner – 25.54%
Loren Roberts, Champions Tour – 14.99%

Favorite Football Player DeAngelo’s going to take this one to the grave, it seems. With one of the more overwhelming victories of the awards, the grand slam winner is still the most recognizable and beloved football player in the city and probably the most famous and successful Tiger football player ever. Why his number isn’t retired remains a mystery.

DeAngelo Williams, Carolina Panthers – 52.55%
Chris Johnson, Tennessee Titans – 14.96%
Michael Oher, Baltimore Ravens – 11.86%

Favorite Basketball Player All-Star, charitable citizen, accused drug kingpin and a walking double-double all in one. How can you not like Z-Bo?

Zach Randolph, Memphis Grizzlies – 21.31%
OJ Mayo, Memphis Grizzlies – 19.85%
Joe Jackson, White Station High School – 18.58

Most Hated Rival Though you’ve gotta give kudos to Kentucky from coming out of nowhere (thanks to you-know-who), there’s still nothing that sucks quite like a big orange.

Tennessee Volunteers – 41.81%
Kentucky Wildcats – 24.38%
Ole Miss Rebels – 16.9%

Favorite Athlete He’s on the radio. He’s on magazine covers. He’s still the face of the college football team even though he’s off scoring touchdowns in Charlotte, N.C.

DeAngelo Williams, Carolina Panthers – 35.99%
Zach Randolph, Memphis Grizzlies – 16.88%
Derrick Rose, Chicago Bulls – 13.36%

Favorite Coach Is it a reach to say Pastner’s got this one on lock for, um, ever? At least until he leaves for Kentucky? Put a boyish look with top recruits as the face of Tiger basketball, and you might as well be the mayor of this town.

Josh Pastner, UofM Basketball – 63.77%
Jeff Fisher, Tennessee Titans – 12.08%
Tommy West, UofM Football – 4.8%

Favorite Team Leading candidate for the “Let’s Just Name the Category After Them” award — the Memphis Tigers basketball team. Who else would nearly sell out conference games against Tulane while players make it rain at the Plush Club across the street? No, but really. The Tigers have this city and the voters on lock. Just like it’s fun to hate Tennessee, it’s even better to love the Tigers.

UofM Basketball – 57.69%
Memphis Grizzlies – 11.71%
Tennessee Titans – 7.87%

Compiled by Memphisport, Comments by Brandon Harris, Photo by Chase Gustafson.

This Is How You Do it! (part two)

In our previous two issues, we’ve been helping you get in shape for the summer. The staff at Powerlife Fitness have been very helpful to us and, we hope you. The following exercises will help you tone your legs, back, chest and arms. Whatever muscle group you work, remember that the most important thing is to remain in control and take your time to maximize your gym time.

You can get the summer body you have always wanted. But you have to get started excercising to make it happen. If you would like more assistance or advice, call them at 901-454-0003, or visit them at 2858 Poplar Avenue.


Everyone wants good looking arms, but not everyone knows that a majority of the muscle in his/her arm is the tricep.

DO:  Grab the chord and stand close enough to the machine so that you’re pulling straight down. When your elbow has a 90 degree bend, begin to pull back down, and repeat.

DO NOT:  Stand too far away. This will not maximize your efforts. Also be sure to assume a stable enough position and enough weight so that you can complete the motion using only your arms.


Laying on the ground with your legs elevated and your hands on your ears, twist your torso, touching your elbow to its opposite knee (left elbow to right knee).

DO: Extend your legs fully. This guarantees that you will work your whole car.

DO NOT:  Cheat. Don’t forget to twist your core all the way or extend your legs. Also be sure to not elevate your legs too high.


This is a simple exercise to tone your legs. Grab a weight, and hop off the ground.

DO:  Keep your back straight and hop with the weight held firmly in your hands. Keep your knees slightly bent while doing this exercise, using your toes to clear the ground.

DO NOT:  Bend your back. If you bend too far over you could hurt your lower back. Also, be sure to keep your legs bent so that you work your upper legs and calves.


The butterfly is instrumental for getting your upper body in shape. Holding a dumbbell in each hand, lay on a bench and touch the weights in front of your chest.

DO: Be sure to use a slow, steady, smooth motion. Emphasize your pectorals.

DO NOT:  Lock your elbows. If you do this you will work your arms and not your back. This could also result in an injury.


This is another exercise to tone your arms and also work your shoulders. All you need to do is grab a dumbbell and pull it from the ground and raise it to your head.

DO: Assume a wide stance with a weight in your hand. Raise the weight from the ground so that it is next to your head. Make sure you can feel the muscles in your back and your triceps working.

DO NOT:  Bend too far over. This is just another way to potentially hurt your back. To avoid this, make sure your legs are spread wide enough to maintain your balance.

By Andy Skrzat, Photo by Mike Bullard.

Of Chet Dembinski and Coach Cal

You have probably never heard of Chet Dembinski, but his story is one of the most amazing stories I have ever heard.

But before we get to that–at my house we like to watch the Kentucky derby, never mind that it is in Louisville. We like “the most exciting two minutes in sports” and always tune in for all the pre-race stuff. This year, sure as shootin’, who turns up on our TV, but Coach Cal. There he was, big as life, bragging about the great season his Kentucky Wildcats had–35 wins and a trip to the Elite Eight. However, he did not mention that his teams, UMASS and Memphis, had been kicked out of the Final Four, but he did mention UMASS in passing. I was waiting for the interviewer to ask him–but no dice. It almost ruined the whole race for me, but I survived.

Coach Cal also showed up at the NBA draft telecast and bragged about all his players that were taken in the first round. Had I been there, I would have asked if John Wall would be taking a pay cut when he enters the NBA.

As I watched him I fondly recall the Kentucky/West Virginia game in the Elite Eight. Kentucky missed all their three-pointers in the first half and by the time they found their range it was too late. How sweet it was.

Not only because Coach Cal and Kentucky lost. You see, West Virginia and I go back a long way.

It was 1946, WWII had only been over for a year. The vets were coming back in droves and high school kids had a real challenge for playing time. The Mountaineers had beaten us by 50 points on our floor. Heaven help us when we went to Morgantown.

As a freshman, I was way down on the depth chart and as such did not expect to play much. We came out on the floor and the WVU fans went nuts. I remember their fight song:

“Oh West Virginia–West Virginia
The pride of every Mountaineer.

Come on you old grads, join all you young lads
And sing out a mighty cheer.”

And then they really sang out a mighty cheer. I had never heard such a racket. Then the game started and they got even louder. We lost. I don’t remember the score but it wasn’t close. Here I must add, we beat them the next three years on our floor and when we were seniors they had to cheat us to win by three in Morgantown. So there.

Now Chet Dembinski. He played for Westminster Collee and was one of the better players in our circles. I don’t remember us ever beating the Titans but we had good games. Chet was an all-star and a good guy. I met him one summer. A kid from my home town played for Westminster and he introduced me to Chet. We weren’t exactly buddies but I liked him.

Chet was a year ahead of me and upon his graduation went off to play for the Akron Goodyears of the Industrial League. In those days big companies had basketball teams that carried their logos around the nation. Teams like the Phillips Oilers, Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons, Denver Truckers, Chicago Packers and the Akron Goodyears.

Because I knew Chet, I wanted to follow his career with Akron. But I never saw his name in the box scores. What, I wondered, happened to Chet Dembinski? We always played the Goodyears so I looked forward to the game to find out what happened to him.

The teams took the floor for warm ups and–bingo–there was Chet Dembinski. What the heck is going on?

I didn’t get a chance to talk to him until after the game–we won it by the way–and here is his story:

Chet got married after graduation and there was the rub. His girlfriend said she would not go thru life as Mrs. Dembinski, so Chet changed his name to Chet Clare and I assume lived happily ever after. If there is another story like that one. I have never heard it.

All Tigers fans hope we can get into a BCS conference, but at this writing it does not look too promising.

There are Tiger fans who would gladly change their name to get into a BCS conference. How about, R.C. Dembinski? Nah!!!!

Big Jack can be heard every Friday at 8am on KWAM 990 alongside former County Commissioner John Willingham.

Memphisport Live: 08.24.10

Hour 1

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Politician Basil Marceaux makes a surprise announcement while talking to Kevin and Marcus about Tennessee state laws, the Vols, guns and more. Plus, the latest edition of Hang Up & Listen.

Hour 2

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Co-host of “Jerry Lawler’s Memphis Wrestling” Lauren Jenkinsjoins Kevin and Marcus in studio for an interview and live performance. Plus, Marcus plays guitar in his first radio concert and Kevin has Woohoo’s and Boo’s.

Lauren Jenkins on MSL

Co-host of “Jerry Lawler’s Memphis Wrestling” Lauren Jenkinsjoins Kevin Cerrito and Marcus Hunter in studio for an interview and live performance.

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