Hannah, University of Memphis Dance Team

Why did you choose Memphis? I chose Memphis because it’s close to home and they have an awesome dance team; number two in the country.

Would you rather hit a grand slam or have Denny’s GS for life? Definitely a grand slam in real life.

What is your perfect food grand slam? That would have to be hot wings, spicy fries, sweet tea from McDonald’s–you’re welcome for the free ad–and some Sour Patch Kids.

What do you think the new mascot should be for Ole Miss? They should be the Frat Daddies. Everyone there is all about fraternities and sororities so it fits perfectly!

Would you rather be at a basketball game with a small crowd or one at the FedEx forum? Definitely a big crowd. Not only does that pump everyone in the stands up, but also the players and us.

What’s your favorite part about being on the dance team? Going to Nationals in January. We finished second this year in pom, a category they just brought back, and hip hop.

What do you think should be done about the Liberty Bowl? Knock it down!

What’s your major? Dance Education.

What do you plan on doing after graduation? I would love to work at an dance art school or, hopefully, open up my own studio.

Most embarrassing moment? That would be my first basketball game. I was a freshman and totally forgot everything I was supposed to do.

What’s one improvement you’d like to see as a member of the dance team? I want to win Nationals. I know it’ll happen this year. We have the girls and the talent to do it.

If you could eat at one fast food chain for the rest of your life, which would it be? Wendy’s. I love dipping their fries into the frosty.

You’re at the gym and need a song to get you through to end your work out. What is the worst song that you could hear at that moment? Anything by Lady Gaga.

The University of Memphis Dance Team has become a Grand Slam Winner this year. Four years in a row the Dance Team has won the award for Favorite Spirit Squad.  By Andy Skrzat, Photo by Michael Cardwell.

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