This Is How You Do it! (part two)

In our previous two issues, we’ve been helping you get in shape for the summer. The staff at Powerlife Fitness have been very helpful to us and, we hope you. The following exercises will help you tone your legs, back, chest and arms. Whatever muscle group you work, remember that the most important thing is to remain in control and take your time to maximize your gym time.

You can get the summer body you have always wanted. But you have to get started excercising to make it happen. If you would like more assistance or advice, call them at 901-454-0003, or visit them at 2858 Poplar Avenue.


Everyone wants good looking arms, but not everyone knows that a majority of the muscle in his/her arm is the tricep.

DO:  Grab the chord and stand close enough to the machine so that you’re pulling straight down. When your elbow has a 90 degree bend, begin to pull back down, and repeat.

DO NOT:  Stand too far away. This will not maximize your efforts. Also be sure to assume a stable enough position and enough weight so that you can complete the motion using only your arms.


Laying on the ground with your legs elevated and your hands on your ears, twist your torso, touching your elbow to its opposite knee (left elbow to right knee).

DO: Extend your legs fully. This guarantees that you will work your whole car.

DO NOT:  Cheat. Don’t forget to twist your core all the way or extend your legs. Also be sure to not elevate your legs too high.


This is a simple exercise to tone your legs. Grab a weight, and hop off the ground.

DO:  Keep your back straight and hop with the weight held firmly in your hands. Keep your knees slightly bent while doing this exercise, using your toes to clear the ground.

DO NOT:  Bend your back. If you bend too far over you could hurt your lower back. Also, be sure to keep your legs bent so that you work your upper legs and calves.


The butterfly is instrumental for getting your upper body in shape. Holding a dumbbell in each hand, lay on a bench and touch the weights in front of your chest.

DO: Be sure to use a slow, steady, smooth motion. Emphasize your pectorals.

DO NOT:  Lock your elbows. If you do this you will work your arms and not your back. This could also result in an injury.


This is another exercise to tone your arms and also work your shoulders. All you need to do is grab a dumbbell and pull it from the ground and raise it to your head.

DO: Assume a wide stance with a weight in your hand. Raise the weight from the ground so that it is next to your head. Make sure you can feel the muscles in your back and your triceps working.

DO NOT:  Bend too far over. This is just another way to potentially hurt your back. To avoid this, make sure your legs are spread wide enough to maintain your balance.

By Andy Skrzat, Photo by Mike Bullard.

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