Offside Thursday: Who’s in and Who’s out

What did I get out of the pre-season and training camp? Not much. We were 1-2 in pre-season.Coach Kamunski has made his cuts.

Who’s out ?

Goaltender Brant Hilton, forwards Jordan Lane, J.J. Koehler, Ryan Petersen, and Matt Piegza, along with defenseman Dean Moore and Kerry Toddington.

All Central Hockey League teams must be down to a 19-man player limit by Thursday afternoon(today), October 14th, a day before the start of the 2010-2011 regular season.

So how does our team look? Whos’s in ?

Grading the Kings-A +-(Super Signing) A (Great signing) B (Ok- not a bad signing) C( we could have done better) D (Ouch)

Christian, Jeff F -Grade-A

Richards, Chris F -Grade-A

Stoddard, Darrell RW-Grade-A

Kretzer, Ryan F – Grade-B

Miller, Matt -Grade-B

Marshall, Dane D – Grade-A

Boyd, Matt F – Grade- B

Smith, Russell D-Grade- C

Dumont, Louis C -Grade-A+

Summers, Matt F- Grade-B

Flath, RG F – Grade-C

Sheldrake, Tyler D -Grade-D

Lackner, Andrew D -Grade-A

Battaglia, Anthony F -Grade-B

McNulty, Kyle G -Grade-C

Sterling, Larry G -Grade-C

Lutz, Nathan D -Grade-B

Maslonka, Milan D -Grade-C

Landmesser, Derek D -who walks on water -Grade-C

So what do I see for the upcoming season?

Yes we have…Louie-Richards-JC AND OF COURSE LANDMESSER.( The Grecian formula guys) If you missed it last week, here is again (The Four Pops)Which one is Derek, Louie, JC, Richards ?

Can they withstand the pace for the whole season?Time will tell on these aging hockey players.Last year we had the best team on paper, so the critics said. We should have two good forward lines.The third line is suspect.

Defense-we are slow and we can’t be giving up more than 25 shots per game. The young guns in the league will beat our slow defenceman every time.

Our goaltending, your guess is as good as mine.I still think we should have gone out and got ourselves a number one goalie. We obviously had the money to do so.McNulty and Sterling are backups at best.

Ok, I’ll get off the negativity. Prove me wrong Kings…will I get to eat my words?I will gladly eat my words for a President’s Cup.

That’s the way I see it and I’m Joe Sports.

This Weekend-Season Begin Friday !!

Friday, The RiverKings start on the road they play at Bossier-Shreveport, 7:05 pm- You can hear the broadcast on 1210 AM, WMPS-AM at 6:50 pm (Audio streamed at


It’s our home opener on Saturday, October 16th: Bossier-Shreveport at RiverKings, 7:05 PM, DeSoto Civic Center, Southaven. Broadcast coverage on 87.7 FM, WPGF-FM “The Pig.” (Audio streamed


I recieve many e-mails each week.Here’s some e-mails sent to me this past week.


The lack of speed on the blue line and the overall size of our forwards still drives me nuts.


IMO this team is still very competitive, they will show that they can be very dangerous..You have to be blind not to see it. I just loved seeing JC passing to Richards. Prediction: 2nd place overall.


The success of this year’s team truly depends upon what kind of goaltending we get. Last year was a revolving door. A joke IMO.


It certainly would have been nice to sign a number one netminder. That’s my only concern.


Just glad hockey is back.I love watching this game. It gets me cranked.


Wow, this is a strong team. We are set in every posistion.We will be 1st overall.


This team will be worse than last year. JC will score less as he will not play in all the games The goaltending does not excite me. Our D is weaker than last year. Chad

Offside Thursday…

Welcome to Offside Thursday…let’s have some fun !!

Broken Bones-forfeits and police action in minor league brawl

From what I’ve read, MacMillian may not play hockey ever again in this league or any other league. This guy is a goon, get rid of him. I know my blog is called Five Minutes for Fighting. But this is bad for the game of hockey. Joly is an idiot to.

What the hell has happened to this Colorado franchise???

Technically, the Eagles received a forfeit win even though they were trailing, 3-1. But beyond the scoreboard, the team likely will be severely punished for the antics down the line. “I certainly don’t think this was something that was anticipated or premeditated,” said Eagles head coach Chris Stewart, who was not on the bench but instead watched from elsewhere. “Do I think it got out of hand? Yes.”You were smart to say that Stewart.

After the game, Gillis and several other Odessa players and personnel were seen giving statements to police officers;

Stewart went behind a closed curtain underneath to talk to Gillis.

Puck Daddy-Greg Wyshynski -Seriously folks this makes the CHL…look like a bush league. The CHL better take a long hard look at this. Suspending players doesn’t work. Have a look…

This one would be worth the bucks on CHL-TV.

During  a battle of  a New York hockey game between the Rangers & the Islanders it produced a scrappy affair. The Rangers were nursing a lead late in the game only to collapse down the stretch and have the Islanders score three goals in the final four minutes en route to the 6-4 comeback history. While it was a nice effort for the young upstart Isles the final result of the game has become irrelevant to the main story which was the obscene gesture Wisniewski towards everyone’s favorite NHL pest Sean Avery:.Sean Avery as the victim? Who would have thought?

Three images reportedly of Brett Favre’s privates found their way to the Internet this week. They are believed to be photos he allegedly sexted to an attractive young sideline reporter. When asked about it at Vikings’ practice last Thursday, Favre said: “No, I’m not getting into that. I’ve got my hands full with the Jets.” Sometimes you don’t have to write a punch line.

That sound you hear is female parking enforcement officers in Minneapolis cringing now that Randy Moss is back in town.

On the trade between the Vikings and Patriots: “Can we can say that an aging quarterback will gather some moss?”

After stores in Cincinnati pulled Chad Ochocinco’s cereal off shelves because the 1-800 number on the box was a phone-sex line instead of a children’s charity: “I’m thinking they should just re-label them Ochocincooooohs.”

Tennessee Titans defensive co-ordinator Chuck Cecil was fined $40,000 for giving the finger to game officials. Cecil said he was hoping for a single-digit fine.

After Kirsan Ilyumzhinov was re-elected president of the World Chess Federation: “He’s the same guy who recently told Russian TV that aliens took him for a ride in a spaceship in 1997. He also claims: 3. Plushenko beat the pants off Lysacek in Vancouver; 2. Anna Kournikova will win three more slams; 1. Ilya Kovalchuk is worth every penny.”

A study has found that four in 10 Americans are planning to put off retirement. Of these, half will play for the Detroit Red Wings

Aren’t the Edmonton Oilers going to be fun to watch this season? What great draft picks Magnus Paajarvi, Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle were. Note to Brian Burke: Every June, a draft is held so teams can add young talent to their rosters.

After Darcy Tucker announced his retirement from the NHL, but under terms of his 2008 buyout from Toronto, will make $1 million this year: “This is less money than many Maple Leafs will get this year for not playing hockey.”

Only 4,000 of 8,000 condoms have been scooped up by athletes at the Commonwealth Games. Four thousand? This is well below the Olympic standard.

After NFL players’ union head DeMaurice Smith stated he thinks owners are preparing for a 2011 without professional football: “Which means in Detroit, business as usual.”

Georges Laraque, at six-four and 270 pounds, being paired with tiny Anabelle Langlois in the Battle of Blades: “Georges has demolished plates of poutine bigger than her.” H ave a look – he’s huge compared to her.

But can they beat the Russians-Katia and Valeri – Battle of the Blades

When Michael Vick said he’s going to be out for two weeks: “Wonder how long that is in dog years?”

Here’s some questions and answers with Dr. Fungy. Each week on Offside Thursday we’ll check in with the Doc. For some health questions.

Q: What are some of the advantages of participating in a regular exercise program? A: Can’t think of single one, sorry. My philosophy is: No pain…good!

Q: Aren’t fried foods bad for you?

A: YOU NOT LISTENING! Food are fried these day in vegetable oil. In fact, they permeated by it. How could getting more vegetable be bad for you?!?

Q: Will sit-ups help prevent me from getting a little soft around the middle?

A: Definitely not! When you exercise muscle, it get bigger. You should only be doing sit-up if you want bigger stomach.

Thanks Doc, that helps me alot…talk to you next week.

Endhiran Theatrical trailer

What do you get when you mix Matrix-like special effects,Bollywood musical numbers and a giant helping of goofy cheese.You get Endhiran(Robot in english)An Indian sci-fi film-that’s getting great reviews.Must see!!

Subway Sleep

Most of us have probably nodded off on a bus,subway or planeat some point,But this guy takes it to the next level.That level being horizontal. Or maybe he’s a dream infiltrator like in Inception and this was his kick.

From the Joke vault…

Best Late night laughs

Late show David Letterman

A study shows that in three and a half hours of baseball, there were only 14 minutes of action. It’s like my wedding night.

They say Osama bin Laden is struggling to stay relevant. Welcome to the club.

Late night with Jimmy Fallon

I heard about a 12 yr. old boy in Mexico WHO IS THE YOUNGEST -Matador in the world. Not only that,I hear he also has the worst parents in the world.

New sport

Your dance around your desk video for the day…

Your fight video for the week..Hockey can be crazy sometimes.

That’s it for today. See you at the game Saturday. Home Opener-Be there. Have a great day. I’m Joe Sports.

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