Monday Morning Twitter Report: Tallent vs. Wolken

Cannon Smith

Nothing better than an argument in public and what better way to argue than through Twitter. Kristen Tallent of Fox13 and Dan Wolken (@DanWolken) of the Commercial Appeal took to their twitter accounts this week to have a rather public argument about the story Fox 13 ran a while back about Memphis in talks with the Big East. Plus, Cannon Smith takes it on the chin in the game and from Geoff Calkins. And more…

We are @memphissport, and this is the Monday Morning Twitter Report for November 8, 2010.

TWITTER FIGHT #1: @Kristin_Tallent I remember it quite well. Story was ridiculously overplayed, lacked specifics, just sensationalist garble.
Dan Wolken, Commercial Appeal

TWITTER FIGHT #2: @DanWolken is it true you cried the day Coach Cal left?
Kristen Tallent, Fox 13

TWITTER FIGHT #3: hahaha! @DanWolken using the term “sensationalist garble” in his tweet war w/ @Kristin_Tallent. garble? lol! media fight! love it!
Chris Vernon, The Chris Vernon Show

EL ESPANOL: Yo quiero que mi carrera sea una carrera legendaria! Porque mucha gente no sabe lo dificil de este negocio.
Greivis Vasquez, Memphis Grizzly

ON THE DIRTY BIRD: #NFL players should be fined for celebrating with The Dirty Bird considering the Falcons haven’t used the name or done that dance since ’98!
Rick Trotter, In Arena Voice of the Grizzlies

CALKINS ON CANNON #1: Is Larry Porter going to stop me from talking to Tyler Bray after this one?
Geoff Calkins, Commercial Appeal

CALKINS ON CANNON #1: Cannon Smith comes in. Is it in Porter’s contract?
Geoff Calkins, Commercial Appeal

USELESS TWEET OF THE WEEK: I am amazed that Newcastle beat Arsenal today. An unbelievable performance by the entire team. Remarkable.
Peter Edmiston, Sports56

DEEP THOUGHT OF THE WEEK: People who soar, are those who refuse to sit back and wish things would change.
Drew Barham, Memphis Tiger Baller

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