Offside Thursday/This Team is Inconsistent

The Kings are in a groove but it’s an irritating one, something like that needle on a record player that gets stuck in the same track. It happened again Tuesday night at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center as the Kings fell 5-4 to the Rapid City Rush in a game in which they probably played well enough to win but paid dearly for one little slip-up in the third period.

They took a stupid penalty, unsportsmanlike conduct at 5:45 and the Rush capitilized for the game winner on the powerplay.

Tuesday night

The Rush scored first just 2:16 into the opening period. Les Reaney’s scored his fourth goal of the season. The RiverKings did answer that with only 4:37 left in the first frame with an unassisted goal from Matt Boyd. But the Rush answered with a goal, just 41 seconds later. Ryan Menei found the twine on a wrist shot that beat Kings Russian netminder Pechurskiy. It was 2-1 Rush after one period of play.

In the second frame the RiverKings tied the game at two on the powerplay, on a goal from Matt Summers. But once again, the Rush answered with a goal on the powerplay..The goal was scored by Reaney, his second on the night. The Rush powerplay capilized again as Colt King scored and it was now 4-2 Rapid City. The RiverKings did respond though on another goal by Matt Boyd, his second of the night. It was 4-3 Rush after forty minutes of play.

In the final period, the Rush powerplay did it again as Scott Wray beat the Kings netminder. The RiverKings did get one more as defenseman Landmesser scored. The final was Rush 5, Kings 4. Rapid City’s were 3 -for- 8 on the powerplay.The RiverKings powerplay was again pathetic, they were 1-for-8.

Danny Battochio stopped 26 of 30 shots directed his way and Kings netminder Pechurskiy stopped 23 of 28 directed his way.

It was nice to see another great crowd at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center,4,207 fans and it was a Tuesday night.

Joe Sports thoughts about the Kings after Tuesday night’s game.

I know we have some aging players, lack of experience is hardly an issue. So why in the world do these guys take turns at having brain cramps that inevitably end with the puck in their own net? Shouldn’t that part of the game be taken care of by now?

You’re not dealing with guys who are just coming out of minor hockey. This team is inconsistent, and they have to find a way to get consistency.

Why is Richards, Christian, Dumont, Landmesser and Battaglia good one night and missing in action the next? Why did the team look good in Colorado and disappear in Rapid City, or were they that good in Colorado? Maybe it was just the goaltending we got that night.? I think it was just the goaltending.

Why does this team show flashes of dominance, but drop off so dramatically, in short stretches?

Questions, questions, questions.

Is it all mental?

The Kings lack the quickness of many younger, faster teams in the CHL. That can’t be remedied by anything short of the invention of time travel.

But BRAIN freezes can be eliminated. Maybe playing all on the same page would help. Desire would help. The team has to wake up.

Are changes needed? We’re certainly not getting enough wins and we certainly need to change that. We are 5-7-0 for the season.

Up next is a home game at the DCC. Quad City is in town and that game goes at 7:05pm. From there, the Kings embark on a gruelling three game road trip with stops in Evansville, Witchita and Tulsa.. Not exactly an ideal recipe for piecing together a winning streak.

I know it’s a long season, but folks we have to get a little more desperate out there and find ways to win.

You don’t want to put yourself in a situation where it’s January and you have to win or otherwise you’re going to be out.That said, the way the playoff format is, almost everyone makes it. But seriously, how far will we go with a mediocre team? Certainly not to the Presidents Cup.

Is it mental with this team? Well, we better call Tony Robbins then. Maybe he can use his magical powers of persuasion to convince this out of touch GM and Coach it’s time for them to join this decade,and the geriatric core of players to pick up the speed of players ten years their junior.

We better damn well start winning now, because I guarantee the rest of the Berry Conference at the top will keep winning pretty regularly.

Can this team get its groove back? Did it ever have a groove to begin with?

There is only one way to play the game of hockey and that’s pedal to the medal!

That’s the way I see it and I’m Joe Sports.

Ok, now with all the business out of the way it’s time for Offside Thursday.

Reports say since David Beckham started posing in ads for Armani underwear(David what are you doing. Guess what ? Sales have increased more than 30 per cent. That’s today’s over on unders.

Remember Butch Patrick, who played Eddie on the 60’s show the Munsters, has checked into a New Jersey rehab clinic. He blames his long struggle with drugs and alcohol on a) being a child star, and b) being a Nets fan.

German health researchers say they’ve created an easy chair that emits an annoying sound telling you it’s time to get out of your seat and go take a walk. Not to be outdone, TSN renewed the contract of Pierre McGuire.

Derek Jeter’s girlfriend Minka Kelly has been named ‘Sexiest Woman Alive’ by Esquire Magazine. Not to say Jeter doesn’t deserve the Gold Glove he just got, but lately Minka has been his best catch.

Some people suspect Florida coach Urban Meyer is the source of allegations surrounding Auburn quarterback Cam Newton. If true, would that make Meyer an alleGator?

TMZ reports that Hulk Hogan is getting married to his 35-year-old fianceé Jennifer McDaniel. Take it from me, the fights in a wrestling ring are nothing compared to those in a wedding ring.

According to a new study, an estimated 35% of food in the US is thought to go to waste. Another 5% is thought to go to Jamarcus Russell’s waist.

Knicks star Eddy Curry reportedly is being sued for a $200,000 loan he can’t pay because he has no money. Meanwhile, reports say Heidi Montag owes $2 Million in taxes and is near bankruptcy. Of the two, I’m more surprised at hearing Heidi is flat broke.

A video of a Corpus Christi school quarterback casually strolling over the line before sprinting 60-some yards for a touchdown went viral this week. It’s the most talked about quarterback sneak since Brett Favre texted Jenn Sterger.

Five iconic products not made in the United States, according to a story on Yahoo: 5. Gerber baby food; 4. Levi jeans; 3. Televisions; 2. Cell phones; 1. Major league baseball players.

Veteran actor Dick Van Dyke claims a pod of porpoises saved his life by pushing him to shore after he fell asleep on his surfboard and woke with no land in sight. Van Dyke says the experience has given him a) a lesson about drifting off to sleep, and b) a sense of porpoise.

When things are going wrong, they just keep going wrong. Someone forgot to renew the domain name, stonewalling online readers when the website went blank Sunday night: “On the bright side, though, it’s the first thing they’ve blocked in two weeks.”

Dion Phaneuf was jeered by Maple Leafs fans prompting Brian Burke to say he didn’t think he ever had a player booed before. I’m surprised that even Burkie could say that with a straight face.

If pampered athletes are told to get off their high horse, what do you tell Zanyatta?

A speed rollerskater at the Inline World Championships in Guarne, Columbia, began celebrating his victory coming out of the last turn only to be passed at the finish line. Call it a bad case of premature jock elation.

Proposed movie titles for the 2010 Randy Moss melodrama:

3. Patriot Games;

2. Purple Reign;

1. November the Titans.

I love the name of goalie Antero Niittymaki of the San Jose Sharks. Niittymaki. The only sports name I can think of with more I’s in it is Favre.

Jared Allen of the Vikings has authored a collection of meals for hunters called the Quarterback Killer’s Cookbook. It is not to be confused with Brad Childress’s recipes for disaster.

Long-time NBA player Chris Dudley was edged out in a tight race for Oregon governor. After checking Dudley’s career free throw stats, I’m thinking he lost points going to the party line.

Thrashers goalie Ondrej Pavelec is rumoured to have suffered another fainting spell. Sources say it happened when Ondrej checked the standings and saw the Leafs had a winning record.”

An NBA game between the Magic and Knicks at Madison Square Garden was postponed a couple of weeks ago, after debris fell from the rafters. You know, I have been wondering what happened to Isiah Thomas.

A new study has found that on average, men start to get grumpier and lose their sense of humour at age 52. The average drops to 40 if you include Bill Belichek.

Bear Climbs Tree Stand

Some times bear encounters end in tragedy. Other times, just talk.


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Girl goes crazy with her cam’s special effects

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That’s it for today. Hockey night at the DCC on Friday , the CHL – TV for the next three games.

See you at the game Friday. I’m Joe Sports have a great day. .

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