I hate Mondays/Kings light up scoreboard with rout over Thunder !!

The rude blare of the alarm wakes me from my deep slumber. I can hear the pitter-patter of raindrops outside the window-or was I dreaming? I hit the snooze button on the alarm. It blares again, I hit the snooze again.

Then the Rolling Stones(Sympathy for the Devil) on my cell rings, bringing me crashing down to earth. I pick up the call,” hey you coming to work”?


Monday morning; a day commonly referred to as Blue Monday. I don’t like them, you don’t like them; even Karen Carpenter wrote a song about how she was bothered by them.


Monday is a great day to escape to if you’ve had a bad weekend; crappy weekend – there’s always Monday. Monday is easier to spell then other days of the week, and has the same amount of letters as our favorite day; Friday.

Mondays are great days to call in sick because employers don’t really know if you were already sick Saturday and Sunday. It’s much harder to be sick during the week. Monday, if pronounced just a little different, sounds like “money”. We all love that, don’t we?

Monday means there’s only four more days until Friday and another hockey game.

 Alexander Pechurskiy was ready from the instant the first puck dropped and was outstanding between the pipes all night as he stopped all 27 shots directed his way. The Kings spanked the Thunder 5-0 at the DeSoto Civic Center.

Patrik Levesque scored the first of the five unanswered goals at 1:33 of the first period. It was 1-0 Kings after one.

Then midway through the second period, it became the Martt Summers show. Summers scored his first of the night at 12:33. Then just 1.50 minutes later he lit the lamp again. The Kings skated off at the end of the second up by three.

Then at 12:26 of third Summers bagged a natural hat trick. This video came to mind when he scored his third goal.


I felt like asking him after the game to give me the lottery numbers for next week.

The Kings would score one more in the third and that came off the stick of Flath at 16:35. The Kings 5- the Thunder ZIP.

Thunders netminder Delmas had a tough night between the pipes as he stopped 18 of 23 shots directed his way. Wichita was 0- for- 7 on the powerplay. Mississippi was 1- for- 4.

Joe Sports thoughts on Saturday nights game.
It was the Summers and Pechurskiy show. Seriously folks, I thought our netminder kept us in the game at key times. What can I say about Summers, anyone who scores a hat trick at any level, gets my hat.

The difference probably in tonight’s game was the Kings were able to finish and the Thunder couldn’t finish.

Our goaltender shut them down and we were able to get to theirs.They had some Grade A chances and Pechurskiy bailed us out.

The second period was the difference in the hockey game. I thought both the first and the third were evenly played. We never got complacent and we never got satisfied. I think the Kings were really sharp with the puck, the way they moved it and in our pursuit to get the loose pucks. We were winning the battles and eventually we got rewarded when we scored some goals.

Funny what hard work will do.
We have playmakers, but at the same time, it takes everybody to win.

We won the game, but we’ve got a lot of work to do. But to me the game showed some glaring weaknesses we still have.

Remember we played a team that is 9- 8- 2 . Now don’t get me wrong, we’re not setting the CHL on fire. We’re a .500 club at best. (10- 10- 1)

That’s the way I see it and I’m Joe Sports.
There were a few skirmishes but nothing major between the teams, who have not hidden their dislike for each other over the last two to three seasons. We will require a similar performance, no I would say a spectacular performance next Friday and Saturday. We play the Bugs and Dayton. Two top hockey teams in the CHL.

Have a great week. I’m Joe Sports.


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