Offside Thursday/All I want for Christmas ?

Merry X-Mas-Offside Thursday

Do you hate Christmas? Or at least all the hustle, bustle, long lines and crowded parking? The hustle and bustle got you down? Are you overwhelmed with the busyness of the season? Is your attitude, “Bah-humbug!?” For your own well being, don’t boycott the holidays.

Here’s a tip for reminding yourself of the true meaning of Christmas: Enjoy every minute! Just be you. The ones who love you are worth it. The ones who don’t – leave them alone.

Three phrases that sum up Christmas:
Peace on Earth
Goodwill to Men
Batteries not included

So Remember from bah humbug to ho ho ho! Have a happy holidays, Cheers!

All I want for Christmas is to win two in a row !!
Win one,lose one,win one, lose one…Same pattern last week and this week.

Last night we were beat by the PrairieThunder, 3-1 in Bloomington, Illinois.

Holmberg scored three for the Thunder. His first came at 11:37 of the first period. It was 1-0 after twenty minutes of play.

Then Holmberge scored at 11:27 and at 13:20 of the second period. His third goal(I hate these (shorthanded).The Kings did get on the board with 19 seconds left in the second, Dumont found the back of the net. It was 3-1 Thunder after forty minutes of play.

No one could score in the third and the final was 3-1 Bloomington.

The Kings once again were pathetic on the powerplay they were 0-for-6. Bloomington netminder Brad Phillips was outstanding between the pipes as he stopped 30 of 31 shots directed his way.

On Tuesday night at the DCC the Kings beat up on the Bloomington PrairieThunder 4-1.
Craig MacDonald opened the scoring for Bloomington at 12:52 of the first period. It was 1-0 Thunder after one.

The Kings came out flying in the second period. R.G. Flath scored at 4:09. Then Lutz found ther back of the net on the powerplay at 15:16. Then Kings Levesque scored with just 28 seconds remaining in the period. It was 3-1 Kings.

In the third, the Kings got an emty-netter from Lutz with just 12 seconds remaining. The final 4-1 Kings.

Mississippi was 1-for 4 on the powerplay.

The RiverKings out shot Bloomington 25-22.

Saturday December 18th
bah hum bug- bah hum bug -ba hum bug !!
The Bossier-Shreveport Mudbugs did it to us again in Bossier. The final 5-3 Bugs.
 Friday December 17th
The Kings beat Evansville on Friday 4-1 at the DCC.
It’s break time for the Kings and lets just say, they need it. The Kings have a 13-13-1 record. The RiverKings are back on the ice after Christmas with a 2:00 pm game Sunday, December 26th at Allen against the Americans, this will not be an easy task for the Kings.

The Kings are now 4-7-1 on the road for the season. We have only 1 home game in the next nine. We will be way behind the eight ball if we can’t win some games on the road. Is it time for some changes ?

Joe Sports thoughts.

Doom and gloom at chrismas time, sorry I have to do this at holiday time.

Kings season sunk?
In all likelihood, the Kings season is already over.
They can’t score, can’t keep up with quicker teams and can’t find ways to win close games. Even when they play pretty decent games, they’re falling to teams that aren’t as good on paper.

History has shown that anything is possible, but for this edition of the Kings, I DON’T THINK SO. They are missing leaders.

And while players and (new) coach can’t possibly call it quits in spite of the next-to-impossible odds they face, management and ownership need to focus on at least doing something this season..

Before this team inevitably checks out mentally for the year, it’s time to assess the assets and think about getting value before they depreciate. Make some big trades and get rid of some big salaries and try to at least salvage this season.

It is very frustrating seeing a veteran-filled club struggle nightly. Our vets are sitting in park.

Well at the start of the season we looked great on paper, just like the season before. Actually we had a better club last year. So for the Kings and management this is not a happy Christmas, it’s a Blue Christmas.

 That’s the way I see it and I’m Joe Sports.

It’s time for Offside Thursday.

Leafs forward Kris Versteeg wore a paper mask of Dion Phaneuf’s face and mimicked the Toronto captain’s mannerisms during a practice at the Saddledome. Witnesses say Versteeg did so-so imitating the moves, but really nailed Phaneuf’s facial expressions.

Darryl Sutter says he would make the Dion Phaneuf trade again. I believe him.

The coach of the Canadian women’s luge team says Alex Gough has the skill to finish on top of the podium. Really? German women have won the last 102 consecutive World Cup luge races; I’m thinking Alex is in for some tough sledding.

Marist College Poll has identified the five most annoying English words or phrases for 2010. When Chad Ochocinco was asked to guess what they were, he said, “Actually, to tell the you the truth, like, whatever. You know what I mean?”

A new survey says that 56 per cent of people who own dogs end up buying them Christmas presents, while 48 per cent buy for their cats. This leaves the owner of the Bengals 104 per cent screwed.

 Is there a better surname for a manager of the perpetually woeful Pittsburgh Pirates than new man Hurdle?

Yahoo! Sports reports the New Jersey Nets might call themselves the Brooklyn New Yorkers when they move to the Big Apple, partly to shed negative associations with the old name. If they really want a name that calls to mind a positive image, how about the Brooklyn Deckers?

Brett Favre confirmed his ironman streak ended at 297 games because of his hand, which was swollen and purple. He denied sending pictures of it to Jenn Sterger.

“Scientists in Kenya have discovered an insect the locals call the ‘terrible hairy fly’ — also known by its scientific name, Brettus Favreus.”

Lee spurned a higher offer from the Yankees and signed with the Phillies. Yanks fans are so upset they could just spit.

Sandra Bullock has been named People Magazine’s Woman of the Year. She edged out Elin Nordegrin, Kim Kardashian and Dennis Rodman. 
Saints DB Roman Harper needed oxygen following a long interception return where he got caught from behind by Rams quarterback Sam Bradford. It was like the story of a man swallowed by a whale; he ran from one end to the other until he got pooped out.

Tiger Woods reportedly missing his son’s birthday to golf in the Middle East: “At this time, he feels it’s safer there than anywhere near Elin.”

Latvian police arrested four British men who were found naked straddling a life-size wooden horse in -15 C temperatures. Looks like the Vikings aren’t the only ones worried about frozen equipment.

The first episode of HBO’s new NHL series 24/7 featured an f-bomb-laced dressing room rant by Washington Capitals coach Bruce Boudreau. I haven’t heard that kind of language since my 15th anniversary when I gave my wife a vacuum cleaner.

Boxing promoter Don King was stopped at a Cleveland airport because he had ammunition in his carry-on and Mike Tyson in his hair.

Shaunie O’Neal says she can count on one finger the number of NBA players she thinks are faithful. That honour, she says, goes to Grant Hill. Why would she want to open up Hill for ridicule?

Dallas Cowboys’ running back Tashard Choice asking Michael Vick to autograph a glove after their Sunday night game: “Vick obliged.. Although he is more accustomed to ‘shaking-a-paw’ requests.”

 This Christmas- Boy this is true

Paul Zerdin, ventriloquist without a dummy

 Zeitgeist 2010: Year in Review

What did you search for in 2010?

Beer bison rides shotgun ….

Metrodome Roof Collapse Video From the Inside Metrodome

Be thankful that your not a Vikings fan.

This is a two great X-MAS scenes.

This is amazingly brilliant and artistic !

Bet you will never be able to figure out how this was achieved ?

3,604 cups of coffee which have been made into a giant Mona Lisa painting in Sydney , Australia .
The 3,604 cups of coffee were each filled with different amounts of milk to create the different tones and shades !

Just like last year…This is cool…

I’ll leave you with this today and again, the best to you and your family this Christmas season.

I’m  Joe Sports, HAPPY HOLIDAYS !!

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