Offside Thursday/Tough weekend ahead

There are no weak sisters for the Kings this week.

By the time next Sunday rolls around, they could easily be on another 0-2 skid and fans howling for coach Kaminski’s head.

But the great Scotty Bowman might be hard pressed to get some points with these Kings against the two of the top teams in the CHL.— The dreaded Mudbugs in their barn on Friday and Dayton at home on Saturday.

Not ideal – Joe Sports thoughts:
 Already falling 13 points behind the Mudbugs, with three other clubs in between, it’s hardly an ideal Christmas shopping trip when they meet the Bugs Friday..

If we skate, work hard, execute and we bring the same effort we did last weekend vs the Thunder, then we give ourselves a chance for success this week.

Game Day-Friday

The skill level is obvious, but what makes the Mudbugs more difficult to stop than your ordinary team is the other stuff they do both away from the puck and their physical play.

They are one of the most difficult teams to play against. They have so much work ethic.

They are dangerous every night. They can turn a simple chip outside the zone into a scoring chance coming out of their own end. You have to keep the Bugs in check before they even gets in the offensive zone. The Mudbugs is the next challenging assignment for the Kings.

Maybe coach Kaminski should give everyone a slap upside the head, maybe that is what the Kings need.

Maybe if we come out with a victory on Friday night, just maybe, those unused seats might fill up again.

That’s the way I see it and I’m Joe Sports

Kings fans are invited to come to the Southaven Buffalo Wild Wings, 7188 Airways Boulevard (just north of Goodman Road) this Friday night. Cheer on the Kings with a few pops and great food. Watch the RiverKings play the Mudbugs on the big screen.Game time is 7:05 pm.

Remember Saturday is the annual RiverKings Teddy Bear Toss. The Kigs battle the Dayton Gems at 7:05pm at the DeSoto Civic Center in Southaven. Bring a new teddy bears or other stuffed animals and toss them on the ice when the RiverKings score their first goal. All donated bears/stuffed animals will be collected and donated to the U.S. Marine Corps’ Toys for Tots program.

On Sunday, fans are invited to join the RiverKings at the RiverKings Fan Club Christmas party. Hours of this event are from 3:00 to 6:00 PM at the Kooky Canuck in downtown Memphis, just across the street from the Peabody Hotel. The $20/person charge covers food and refreshment (non-alcoholic) as fans can join the players and coach Kevin Kaminski in celebrating the Christmas season. For more information, call the RiverKings offices or email .

Ok lets get started on Offside Thursday.

Offside Thursday

Three reasons why the Ontario Teachers might be especially keen to sell their share of the Toronto Maple Leafs:
3. The team repeatedly fails the test;
2. Too many high-priced hooky players;
1. Leafs management don’t learn their lessons

After baseball Hall of Famer Andre Dawson headlined the Craftsman Experience on Saturday in Chicago, autographing Craftsman baseballs and demonstrating a do-it-yourself project. “Guess you could say he’s still a five-tool player.”

Yahoo! News named Christina Hendricks of Mad Men “one of the stars who stood out most.”

Some jokes just write themselves.
Five current films and what they would be about if they were sports movies:
5. Faster – Usain Bolt;
4. Megamind – Bill Belichek;
3. Unstoppable – Clara Hughes;
2. Due Date – Travis Henry;
1. Despicable Me – LeBron James

The Russian Curling Federation abruptly ended a deal with Jason Gunnlaugson and his Manitoba teammates to live in and curl for Russia through to the 2014 Olympics. Sources close to the three curlers say things fell through when a) they refused to give up their Canadian citizenship, and b) they refused to give up Slurpees.

Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan has asked Sarah Marshall – his girlfriend of seven years – to marry him. When teammates asked Ryan what took so long, he said, “Mind your own Falcon business.”

Morning skate at HP Pavilion in San Jose prior to playing Detroit was plunged into darkness when the electricity went out. This came as a surprise to locals as the Sharks usually don’t have a power failure until the playoffs.

The Daily Telegraph says that in a new TV promo for Lavazza, an Italian coffee, Julia Roberts was paid a hefty sum to not say a word. In related news, the Arizona Cardinals want to renegotiate Derek Anderson’s contract.

Coach Pete Carroll said his Seahawks played like garbage last weekend. This may explain why their opponents think the game is in the bag.

Dandy Don Meredith is leaving. The folksy good-ol’ boy who warbled those lyrics whenever he thought the game was over as one of the original analysts on Monday Night Football, has died.

Meredith died at 72 in his beloved Texas of emphysema, six years after suffering a stroke. He had mostly preferred to stay out of the limelight after retiring as the comedic foil to the taciturn, gritty Howard Cosell and the urbane Frank Gifford.

Meredith’s goofy delivery helped make MNF must-see television

To give you an idea how beloved and funny Don Meredith was,” penned comedy writer Alex Kaseberg, “with him around you could actually tolerate Howard Cosell.”

The late Don Meredith, to Sports Illustrated in 2000, on the secret to his success playing off pompous Howard Cosell: “I’d just wait for Howard to make a mistake. Didn’t usually take too long.”

Redskins coach Mike Shanahan, fed up with Albert Haynesworth, suspended the disgruntled defensive tackle without pay for the rest of the season.

Team-first proponents say it’s about time; believers in karma like to think it’s an $847,000 kick in the head.

Two Eugene, Ore., men suspected of stealing ESPN’s oversized Lee Corso mascot head were finally brought to justice after cops yelled:

a) “Stop! Police!”

b) “Come out with your hands up!”

c) “Not so fast, my friend.”

This just in talking the talkFormer Washington Times columnist Dan Daly, via Twitter, after witnessing the Redskins’ sixth fumble on Sunday: “I’m beginning to wonder if they spent last night at a strip club.”

CBS’s David Letterman, with a sure sign your neighbor is the WikiLeaks guy: “He told you about Jeter’s new contract at Thanksgiving.”

Nebraska beat Washington to the tune of 56-21 — in Seattle, no less, just three months ago — and now they’re paired up again in the Holiday Bowl? What, did Custer get a rematch with Sitting Bull? Did Davy Crockett get do-overs with Santa Ana?

Ducks a blowin!

John Lennon was great, if he were still alive today, what kind of music would have he composed.ENJOY !!

John Lennon – Imagine

Happy Christmas (War Is Over)

Coldplay – Christmas Lights

The New England Patriots made a statement Monday night, pummeling the New York Jets, 45-3, to seize control of the AFC East in impressive fashion.

Both teams entered the highly anticipated tilt with identical records but left Gillette Stadium in decidedly different fashion, as the Patriots (10-2) outgained their division rival, 405-301, and appeared to score at will. Tom Brady is the man.

Fight of the week

Your dance around your desk video of the week.

That’s it for today, I’m off to Mudbug country for Friday’s game.

I’m Joe Sports have a great day and weekend.

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