The Comedic Stylings of Dan Wolken in this Week’s Twitter Report

Dan Wolken from the Commercial Appeal was apparently trying to soften his image before his departure from the Bluff City. So, after C-USA’s Tulsa basketball team lost this week, Dan tried his hand at some subtle comedy with this interesting tweet seemingly at Tulsa and Fox 13’s Kristin Tallent’s expense…

Dan Wolken (@DanWolken)
12/8/10 10:43 PM
That’s just an awful break for Tulsa. Everything that could go wrong is going wrong.

A Jacksonville sports personality interprets the tweet for everyone who didn’t get it and adds a little fuel to the fire…

SamNefarious (@SamNefarious)
12/9/10 7:51 AM
@DanWolken Your tweet in ref to Kristin Tallent moving to Tulsa? Canes to BE will be a done deal by end of 2011 per Tulsa Fox affiliate.

Andrew Fleming, a local filmmaker, AKA thefilmjerk, asks Memphisport Live a question we all were thinking?

thefilmjerk (@thefilmjerk)
12/7/10 8:20 PM
@DanWolken Memphis Sport Live: “Will Dan Wolken cry after Kristin Tallent’s announcement tonight?”

Therealjonroser, an intern coordinator at 730 Fox Sports asks another one…

therealjonroser (@therealjonroser)
12/8/10 12:20 PM
Who is Dan Wolken?

Dan tries a little comedic jab at Angel Garcia’s expense…

Dan Wolken (@DanWolken)
12/12/10 6:46 PM
Shadows and The Pony are devastated by the Garcia news, sources say.

Angel jabs back…

angel garcia (@garcia_piwi)
12/12/10 7:53 PM
@DanWolken Sources say the Pumping Station is devastated by the news that Dan Wolken is leaving Memphis

Dan Wolken is leaving the Commercial Appeal and moving to New York. You catch his show at Caroline’s on the second Tuesday of next week. Be sure to follow @memphissport on Twitter for up-to-the-minute breaking news in the world of sports in Memphis.

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