Offside Thursday/Same old Story

Same Old Story Kings. This win-one, lose-one approach of late simply isn’t what I had in mind for the second half of the season.

So far we have had lack-luster offense and defense, and some rather sub-par goal tending. As much of a controversy about the goaltending that’s been passed around as of late, and the apparent lack of confidence in our goaltenders, it’s hard to lay all the blame on the goalies. Basically we have an all around problem. Don’t ya think?

Here’s what happend in our last three games..


The Dayton Gems edged the RiverKings 2-1 on Friday night at the DeSoto Civic Center in Southaven.

The Kings opened the scoring at .18 seconds with a goal from Chris Auger.But, the the Gems responded with a goal at 5:49. It was 1-1 after 1.

The second period was scoreless.

In the third period Miller scored for Dayton at 5:18. The Kings could not get the equalizer and the Gems walked out of the DCC with the win.

Kings netminder Pechurskiy stopped 19 of 21 shots directed his way. Dayton’s netminder Jeff Jakaitis stopped 32 of 33 shots directed his way.

The Gems were 1-for-8 on the powerplay, while the Kings were 0-for-5.

Saturday/ Back to back games vs. the Gems at the DCC.

The Mississippi RiverKings looked a lot better on Saturday night as they downed the Gems 4-1.

Mississippi got on the board first as Russell Smith found the back of the net at 3:32. The Gems tied it up at one apiece at 7:53 off the stick of Matthew Larke. Andrew Lackner made it 2-1 Kings at the 16:07 mark of the first period. It was 2-1 Kings after one.

The RiverKings added to their lead a 7:58 of the second period on a goal by R.G. Flath. It was 3-1 Kings after forty minutes of play.

Mississippi finished off the Gems at 6:16 of the final period, Jeff Christian scored his 12th goal of the season. The final was 4-1 Kings.

The RiverKings out shot the Gems 36-21. The powerplay was non-productive for both clubs. The Kings were 0- for- 4, while the Gems were 0- for- 6.

Larry Sterling had an easy night as he stopped 20 of 21 shots. Jeff Jakaitis stopped 32 of 36 shots for the Gems.

Tuesday morning was the 8th annual “Face Off Field Trip,” The Game was at 10:05 am against the Bloomington Prairie Thunder.

The Bloomington PrairieThunder were down 3-1 after the first period, but they are one of the best in the CHL and showed that as they edged the RiverKings 5-4. It was a full house at the DCC, 8,400 SCREAMING YOUNGSTERS AND FANS.

Mississippi opened the scoring in the first, Chris Auger had a pair of goals and Chris Richards scored the other. Auger scored the first one shorthanded at 3:00. But Bloomington responnded with a goal from Alan Mazur at 3:28. Richards scored at 10:34.Auger scored his second goal of the game on the powerplay at 17:09, It was 3-1 Kings after one.

It looked great for the Kings going into the second period up by two. But the Kings forgot that it’s a 60 minute hockey game.

The PrairieThunder opened the second period with a goal from Chris Cloud at 39 seconds,then Sheahan found the back of the net at 11:00. It was now tied 3-3. Bloomington scored again at 13:02, the Thunders’ John Snowden beat Kings netminder Sterling, It was 4-3 Bloomington after forty minutes of play.

The Kings would get one more from Richards at 6:14, his second of the game. It was tied at 4.

But, the game-winner came from McLeod at 9:25 and the Prairie Thunder went on to win 5-4.

The Prairie Thunder outshot the RiverKings 31-23. Marco Emond stopped19 of 23 shots directed his way.Kings netminder Larry Sterling stopped 26 of 31 shots directed his way.

The powerplay was again not there for the Kings they were 1-for-5, while the PrairieThunder were 0-for-4 on the power play.

The RiverKings record is now 20-20-1.

Next up for the Kings, it’s a double header against the (oh not again) Prairie Thunder. Friday and Saturday night at the DeSoto Civic Center. Game time is 7:05pm on Friday and Saturday.

Kings notes: Perchurskiy has been called up to the AHL (Wilkes/Barr) Don’t worry folks he’ll be back.

Joe Sports thoughts:

First of all, we should have taken 2 games-2 wins from the Gems. They are not a very good hockey team. That said, either are we.

Tuesday we blew it. Yes we did, we were leading  going into the second period 3-1. What happened in the second period vs the Prairie Thunder ? I’ll tell you what happened, they have a solid club, we don’t.

Misfired shots, broken plays, neutral zone turnovers. In the second period, we couldn’t get anything going. They beat us to a lot of loose pucks and we stood around. We only got a sense of urgency in the last 5 minutes of the game.

It’s time to take drastic action. I think we have hit that time. Its time to play hardball with the players who aren’t cutting it on the Kings roster. They have had their chance and shown they don’t have what it takes to play as a unit and create the chances needed to score and win games. Maybe trade for young players who have the drive, energy and passion to unite the team, create buzz at the DCC.

It’s time to kick the un-impressive players out, bring in some fast, energetic, interesting and most importantly Entertaining players back to the Kings roster. We make all these changes we might actually have a chance to win some games, maybe we’ll do well in the playoffs and at least see some entertaining hockey that the Kings fans can get excited about.

That’s  the way I see it and I’m Joe Sports.

Offside Thursday

Now if all the Kings could have this much energy !!

Snapper continues to stick with Brett Favre despite the latest sexting allegations against him. Seems like a perfect fit; they’re known for trimmers and he’s famous for hedging.

A new study says shrieking or uttering loud sounds when striking the ball gives tennis players an advantage. I’m thinking Maria Sharapova takes that for grunted.

The wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton is now less than 100 days away, taking place shortly after the start of the NHL playoffs. For Royal watchers in Toronto, this means you won’t be distracted by the Maple Laughs.

Former Playboy Playmate Jenny McCarthy says she’s considering tying the knot with sports agent Paul Krepelka. Might be one of the few marriages where the husband has a chance in negotiations.

Three ironies behind the Ottawa Senators recent scoring slump:
3. Locke can’t load;
2. Fisher can’t find the net;
1. Winchester has no firepower.

Anne Hathaway has won the role of Catwoman in the newest Batman film. She reportedly beat out the likes of Jessica Biel, Keira Knightly, Charlize Theron and Kate Beckinsale.

No wonder it’s called The Dark Knight Rises.

Jets linebacker Bart Scott told the NFL Network he’s tired of people making fun of his coach’s weight. I won’t say Rex Ryan is fat, but his waistline must be frustrating to a guy with a foot fetish.

Bears coach Mike Martz says Jay Cutler is a better quarterback this season because they’ve done “footwork stuff” twice a week since game one. Cutler began the season dating Kristin Cavallari; probably his first step in the right direction.

What constitutes a Grand Slam: “Former great Rod Laver says it is winning all four majors in one calendar year and Rafael Nadal says it is holding all four titles: “To me a Grand Slam is just a great breakfast at Denny’s.”Bulgarian basketball coach Titi Papazov did an entire press conference in mime to protest being fined for negative comments: “Things got awkward when he was asked to explain his first name.”

The San Jose Sharks have added Ben Eager and Kyle Wellwood to their lineup. It’s nice to see the Sharks loading up for their playoff collapse.

Fox is rejecting the Super Bowl ad of, a Canada-based website that promotes extra-marital affairs: “That’s one way to ensure the game is an unadulterated success.”

“New York Giants’ safety Antrel Rolle says that he wishes Tom Coughlin was more like Rex Ryan. Coughlin responded by saying that he wishes Rolle were more like Ed Reed.”

It was reported this week that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will undergo foot surgery. The procedure will be performed by Dr. Rex Ryan.

A Memphis high school has 86 pregnant teenagers. It also has one Italian prime minister.

The U.S. Postal Service says the $32 million it spent on sponsoring Lance Armstrong’s cycling team brought back $103 million in business. Call it a hunch, but I’m guessing Armstrong is still waiting for the cheque.

Donald Driver of the Packers said in an interview that Sunday would be a dog fight and the dog that bites the hardest wins. “Is Driver playing football or hanging out with Michael Vick?”

An assistant manager at McDonald’s was fired after allowing Minnesota Vikings star Adrian Peterson to use the bathroom after the restaurant was closed. Good thing it wasn’t Favre; he’d still be contemplating Nos. 1 or 2. (Note: the woman got her job back after the media attention.) . . .

One Million Dollars

It only took three videos for Craig Rowan to become a millionaire. Yes, you read that correctly. He earned a one million dollars by begging millionaires (and billionaires) for some of their money. Envy and jealousy is just a viewing away.

Smooth Criminal

Add another amazing performance to the list of songs covered on the MJ’s Thriller album. If you’re thinking two Cello players are doing a classical version of pop classic, you’re sadly mistaken.

I think these children have had entirely too much sugar. Nothing in our wildest dreams is this exciting. You don’t need a translator to understand anything here. Pure mayhem! Could this be a look into western culture’s influence of materialism/over consumption/appetite for sugar on the eastern world?

Natalie Portman laughs. A meme is born.

The cruel interweb’s latest victim is an award-winning young actress who is expecting her first child.

Screaming! Wheelchairs! Murder!

This clip from a ‘90s telenovela took it’s time to make the rounds but it was worth it. We didn’t do that well in Spanish, but we’re good at people-watching, so here’s the deal: a mother catches her daughter being kiss by the brother from “Boy Meets World,” she loses it, the girl gets knocked out of her wheelchair, the maid gets slammed against the wall and then someone gets murdered.

Golden Globes 2011 – Ricky Gervais Opening Monologue

That’s it for today, enjoy the Kings home games this weekend. I would like to say happy birthday to my wife. She’s 39 again this year.

 I’m Joe Sports.

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