Battier returns, Thabeet leaves

The Grizzlies were crazy active at the trade deadline, dealing away fan-hated big man Hasheem Thabeet and re-acquiring fan-favorite Shane Battier. Another trade involving O.J. Mayo and Pacers forward Josh McRoberts was discussed but not finished in time.

The deal with Houston is reported to be as such…

Houston sends forward SHANE BATTIER and guard ISHAMEL SMITH to Memphis.
Memphis sends center HASHEEM THABEET and a FIRST ROUND PICK to Houston.

A deal involving O.J. Mayo and Josh McRoberts was discussed and reported but not finalized by the trade deadline.

Battier makes around $2M more than Thabeet on the current contract.

Things to watch: Battier’s contract is expiring, meaning if Memphis does not re-sign him, they will have again given up draft picks in exchange for about 20-25 games from a swingman in a trade.

And if he is signed for the long term, I'll probably never get to run this again.

Also interesting will be to see how Mayo reacts to the fact that he was very publicly ALMOST traded for very little.

Ishmael Smith is pretty much a non-factor here. He has rarely played and spent some time in the d-league this season after being signed as a free agent.

I’m sure fans will be excited to see Battier and Jason Williams back together on the court. It is 2011, not 2005, but at least part of the band has been put back together.

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