Offside Thursday/Playoff beards will not grow

Well, another week of Kings hockey, how did they do last week? Lose one,win one, WIN ONE, WIN ONE, holly cow a two game winning streak.


The RiverKings edged the Evansville IceMen 4-3 in a shootout on Tuesday night at the DCC. Summers scored the winner in the shootout.

The IceMen were all over the Kings in the first period, as they were outshot13-6. The only goal of the period was off an IceMens’s stick as Lovell found the twine at 7:15. It was 1-0 IceMen after one.

The Kings looked much better in the second period. Louis Dumont scored a shorty at 6:43. Then new comer Rusty Masters’ (his name sounds like he should be a Bull Rider) scored his first goal as a RiverKing, Masters’ scored at 17:34. It was 2-1 Kings after forty minutes of play.

Then the Kings took a 3-1 lead in the third period as Summers scored at 11:40. Well the fat lady could not sing as Evansville then rallied and scored two in a row, late in the game.

Lovell scored his second of the night at 15:27, then Larocque tied the game with 1:45 remaining. It was 3-3 after sixty minutes of play.

Then it was OT !!

Neither team could score in overtime.

Then it was shootout time. Summers got the winner in the fourth round. The final 4-3 Kings.

This was a great game to watch, it was wide open, Mississippi out shot the IceMen 39-38. Evansville were 1-for-2 on the powerplay.It was the same old story for the Kings on the powerplay, they were 0-for-6.

With Tuesday’s win on Tuesday night, the Kings moved into a tie for third place in the Berry Conference. The Kings now have a 24-22-4 record for 52 points.

The RiverKings signed forward Rusty Masters. He played for the Mississippi Surge of the SPHL. SPHL Stats- 19 goals and 26 assists for 45 points. Not bad, if I say so myself.


The Mississippi RiverKings crushed the Thunder Sunday afternopon 4-1.

The first period was a yawner, The RiverKings outshot the Thunder14-8. It was 0-0 after one.

The RiverKings opened the scoring in the second period on a powerplay goal(A What ?) yes you heard it right a powerplay goal. Landmesser took a shot from inside the blue line and it found its way to the back of the net at 5:27. It was 1-0 Kings after the second period.

Wichita got on the board in the third period on a powerplay goal at 8:11. But the Kings then went on a scoring spree. Two goals in ten seconds. Flath scored at 9:08 and Sarazin scored at 9:18. It was 3-1 Kings. Then Christian scored an empty netter.The final 4-1 Kings.

Both teams were 1-for-7 on the powerplay. The Thunder outshot the RiverKings 34-33. Mississippi netminder Sterling stopped 33 of 34 shots directed his way..

After Sunday’s game, the Kings auctioned off their special night jerseys. This is a hell of a return, $10,245. That dough is split between the DeSoto County Relay for Life/American Cancer Society and the Jr. StreetKings youth in-line hockey program in Hernando. Way to go fans !!

Saturday night-Tulsa

The Kings were away on Saturday. Jack Combs for Tulsa , just 45 seconds into overtime. Tulsa Oilers 4, Kings 3.


Another OT loss for the Kings on Friday. Jason Deleurme scored with 1:25 remaining as the Bloomington PrairieThunder beat the Kings 4-3.

On the road again…

What’s next up for the Kings, firts they travel to Wichita for a Friday night match. Then they are off to Colorado for a Saturday night battle with the Eagles.

Joe Sports thoughts…

The record from January 25th.

Lose,win, lose, win, lose, lose, lose,win, win.

I didn’t think I’d say this this season.The Kings are a struggling team in all areas of the ice except for in goal. At the start of the year I thought we would be weak in net.

I see a disorganized hockey club two steps behind the play more often than not. There is no Easy button for the Kings.

Yes, I expect the team to win one playoff game. Then, as a fan, I’d expect them to try and build on that the next season.

Here’s some email’s I got this week. I think most of you agree with me.

Unrealistic expectations? They lack competitiveness from their young guys AND there supposed core veterans.


Truth be told, playoffs would be very nice, but right now I just want to see some effort, just CHL level of play. I see a disorganized hockey club.We can’t even get the puck into the zone on a power play much less score. Just compete, Kings, that’s all I want.


It is not unreasonable for Kings fans to become a little tired of the same old crap that this mickey mouse organization spits out every year. Im tired of all the Kings excuses. Enough is enough.

The fans have spoken Kings.

My final thought.

Playoff beards will not grow vey long for the Kings this year.

That’s the way I see it and I’m Joe Sports.

Well it’s that fun time of the week. it’s time for Offside Thursday.

What do you get if you combine singer Justin Bieber, crooner Michael Buble and winger Matt Cooke? The Bieb, the Bube and the boob.

James Franco told TV Guide he plans to make Three’s Company into a movie. Nobody knows why.

A blockbuster, 3D version of Snow White will begin filming in Montreal this spring at a cost of $150 million. Julia Roberts was just confirmed for the part of the Evil Queen. Seven Montreal Canadiens will play the dwarfs.

Last week the New Orleans Saints coach bought a house in Dallas. Before you knew it, Peyton’s place become a soap opera.

Toronto goalie Jonas Gustavvson, in the AHL for conditioning, was pulled from a game due to an elevated heart rate. This is not something Leafs fans have experienced.

Why all the fuss over A-Rod at the Super Bowl getting his mouth stuffed with popcorn by Cameron Diaz? It beats the alternative—trying to make conversation.

There were three separate fights in the first four seconds of last week’s Bruins-Stars game. To some that’s hockey; to others it’s a family get-together.

Some things write themselves. Witness the bar in Valentine, Neb., that built a curling rink and is now hosting leagues and bonspiels. Seems owner Marty Jordan and his patrons watched curling during the Olympics and loved it.

The bar’s outdoor rink is about half the size of a regular sheet. And milk jugs filled with a concrete mixture are being used instead of rocks.

Tahrir Square in Cairo has been jammed with protesters recently, although 400 people complained they couldn’t get in. They have been offered refunds at three times face value, plus tickets to the next riot.” . . . Fans that got bounced from their seats at the Super Bowl will be well looked after; I’m thinking Jerry Jones will want to save face.

No wonder there was a lack of seat space at the Super Bowl –the Kardashians were there.

Thieves in Malaysia have stolen $1.5 million worth of condoms. I’m thinking these will be a hard sell.

One sentence to sum up what kind of winter it’s been in the United States: On Monday, Mark Wilson won the frost-delayed Phoenix Open.

Mike Rupp of the Pittsburgh Penguins knows the value of a warm beer at a sporting event. During the pre-game warm-up, Rupp crashed into the boards, causing a fan to spill his beer. Rupp asked the trainer to go to the dressing room, get a puck and $10 from his wallet. Rupp signed the puck, taped the $10 to it and gave it to the fan. Cheers Rupp!!

Here’s a look at the latest videos making the rounds on YouTube this week.

Playmobil Stop Motion with Joy Division’s Transmission

Check out these Playmobil figurines perform Joy Division’s “Transmission.” Up next, Barbie and G.I. Joe do “Love Will Tear Us Apart.”

NFL Best Fans Ever featuring TV Shows

The NFL seamlessly edited some of the best television moments into an epic Super Bowl ad.

Harry Baals Government Center

A small controversy in one of America’s small towns brings out our immaturity at the obvious.

12 Year Old Child Prodigy

Check out Jordan McCabe as he dribbles two basketballs through ESPN’s office. If his dribbling skills are any indication to the way he plays basketball, college scouts will be knocking at his door soon enough.

Fireworks Fail

This should be a perfect explanation on why people shouldn’t ignite fireworks in suburban areas.

Tall Painting

Videographer Dave Kaufman stylistically takes the work of visual artist Holton Rower to showcase the psychedelic experience that his art displays. Become mesmerized as the paint melts down the canvas to create a vibrant journey of colours.

Just came back from Vegas, My wife and I saw Angel…here’s an example of his work. He’s great.

We also saw the Bee Gees- Another great show

That’s it for today, enjoy the Kings games this weekend.

I’m Joe Sports.

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