Offside Thursday/The Kings were not sellers

I’m back from the Super Bowl.

In the battle between two storied franchises, the storybook ending went to the Green Bay Packers.

Playing in their first Super Bowl since 1997, the Packers, led by quarterback Aaron Rodgers, turned in a near flawless performance as they outlasted the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25 to win their fourth Super Bowl in five attempts.

All pundits said the game would be a classic, one of the best, and given the Steelers’ ability to keep getting up off the mat, it didn’t disappoint.

Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has built a reputation on engineering comebacks but this night there was no magic, no late miracle that could be pulled from the hat.

Now the Vince Lombardi Trophy is heading back to Green Bay, and deservedly so.

What a snow storm.

Airlines grounded more than 40 flights out of Memphis International Airport on Wednesday because of the latest snowstorm.

But the forecast is for

A look back at the Kings…


Boy this was one hell of a boring game.

There was no scoring in the first period.

Missouri took the lead in the second period with a shorthanded goal from. It was 1-0 Mavericks after forty minutes of play.

The Kings could never get on track in this game and it ended 1-0 Mavericks.
This folks was a dreadful game. No emotion,no anything.

The powerplay was pathectic again Tuesday,Mississippi were 0 for 5.

Up next:

The Kings play three this weekend, they go on the road to clash with the PrairieThunder in Bloomington Friday night at 7:05 pm. Then they play in Tulsa on Saturday at 7:35 pm.

The Kings return home on Sunday, February 13th for their annual “Pink in the Rink” game against the Wichita Thunder, a game starting at 3:05 pm. A special jersey will be worn which will be auctioned off after the game benefitting the American Cancer Society and the fight against cancer.


Saturday was no better for the Kings, they blew a 3-1 lead going into the second period vs the Tulsa Oilers at the DeSoto Civic Center.

Recap of the first period.

The RiverKings goalscorers were Flath, Sarazin, and Levesque. The Oilers scored one in the first off the stick of Beausoleil. It was 3-1 after one for the Kings.

I do not know what was said to the Kings between periods, but they obviously didn’t listen. The Oilers would score four more. Two in the second period and two in the third period. The Kings were no where to be seen. The final 5-3 Tulsa.

Larry Sterling had one of his worst games of the season. He allowed five goals on 21 shots. Not a good average folks.

The Kings powerplay was, lets just say non productive again 1-for-8.


We did get a win on Friday, barely. Auger scored with 38 seconds remaining in overtime to give the Kings a 4-3 win over Tulsa.

The Kings opened the scoring with only 48 seconds left in the period, Louis Dumont netted his 12th goal of the season. It was 1-0 Kings after twenty minutes of play.The Kings outplayed the Oilers in the first as they outshot them 20-5.

Tulsa was hot in the second period as they looked like a different team than they did in the first. Dignard, Costello and Michel Beausoleil scored. It was 3-1 Oilers after two periods.

The Kings scored early in the third, 22 seconds to be exact, Brennan Sarazin found the twine.
Nathan Lutz tied the game on the powerplay at 13:51. It was 3-3 after sixty minutes of play.

Then it was OT!!

WE DIDN’T have to go to a shootout as Auger scored the overtime winner at 4:22.
The final 4-3 Kings.

Alexander Pechurskiy stopped 22 of 25 shots directed his way.

Mississippi was 2-for-6 on the powerplay and Tulsa were1-for-5. The RiverKings out shot the Oilers 51-25.

Joe Sports thoughts…

At least one thing has certainly been established — the Kings were not sellers at this year’s trade deadline. Monday was the deadline.

Much to the shock and chagrin of those hell-bent on seeing the dismantling of this team. We did not unload anyone. No swaps, nothing. So Killers team will finish the season.

So the Kings will stand pat.

Will the Kings be in contention for the spring dance?

Not !!

That’ts the way I see it and I’m Joe Sports.

Offside Thursday

Two ice fishermen in Michigan called police after they were assaulted by a woman wielding a fish. One man was knocked on his bass; the other claims to have suffered a loss of herring. The women were caught and released.

Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh won the NFL rookie of the year award. Not bad for a boy named Suh.

Australian researchers have discovered that sharks can’t see colour, only shades of black and white. Put another way, when Joe Thorton is on the ice, he usually sees the grey light go on behind San Jose’s net.

The hemline theory of economics states that when women’s dresses get shorter the economy improves. After seeing what Mexican TV reporter Inez Sainz wore at Super Bowl Media Day, a lot of stocks went up.

Justin Bieber attended the Knicks-Mavericks game and got booed by the Madison Square Garden crowd. Not to worry; the Bieb is a Maple Leafs fan. He’s used to hearing boos.
“I remember when the only three things I knew about Egypt were pyramids, mummies and the Bangles.”

Troy Polamalu being the NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year:Clay Matthews is the hair apparent.

There was an ice storm in Texas last week, and temperatures are way below normal. In fact, folks in Dallas haven’t seen anything this cold since the Cowboys’ offence.

Parking for the Super Bowl  cost up to $900. Apparently, it’s not the Dallas Cowboys’ doing.

How could Jerry Jones do this and keep a straight face?
 Something you should know: The NFL teams making the most money on the backs, boots and cleavage of their cheerleaders are: 5. Philadelphia Eagles; 4. Miami Dolphins; 3. Dallas Cowboys; 2. Houston Texans; 1. Indianapolis Colts. By the way, NFL cheerleaders are paid approximately $100 per game.

When asked by a Lakers ballboy to sign a basketball, Kevin Garnett reportedly said: “You got a better chance of catching Bin Laden.

Here’s a look at the latest videos making the rounds on YouTube this week.

The Dark Side of Advertising

Yet again, Star Wars seeps its way into another medium keeping it self relevant and at the forefront of Pop Culture. Watch as this word-less advertisement speaks to every little boy’s fantasy and every family’s wallet.

Super Bowl Burger

Do you think you had to the most epic Super Bowl party on Sunday? Well, this better have been on the menu.

The Difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England

Finally. YouTube explains something that our high school teachers never could.

Boston Bruins vs Dallas Stars
   Meanwhile, in sports. NHL’s Boston Bruins hosted a game against the Dallas Stars where the first two and half minutes were nothing shy of dramatic. See the fists fly and the fans cheer, and the goals are just an afterthought.


That’s it for today. Have a great week. I’m Joe Sports.

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