Offside Thursday/Wow, we’re a bad bad hockey team

Well, not another great weekend for the Kings. Two games, two defeats. We got are #*# whipped last weekend. Did I expect more? No, not really. A person can hope, right.

I don’t understand this, the RiverKings waived forward Jeff Christian. Shouldn’t of  happened 20 games ago. Maybe we could have traded for two players back then. Good luck to Jeff and his family. This just in…News Flash…Jeff gets picked up by Evansville. Hmmm…maybe a coaching job for him next season. Jeff didn’t have the season, he has had in the past. 52 games,14 goals, 25 assists for 39 points.


Boy, I dislike the Eagles. But hey, they always put a winning team on the ice, unlike the Kings.

Colorado spanked us 5-1 in Eagle country on Saturday night. The Eagles Glasser scored first at 5:32, then 43 seconds later Andrej Hebar’s found the twine behind Kings goaltender Alexander Pechurskiy at 6:15. It was 2-0 Eagles after twenty minutes of play.

The Kings got on the board in the second period pereiod on a deflection by Maslonka at 12:02. The Eagles incresed the lead as Riley Nelson scored at 17:15 and then scored again with only 38 seconds left in the period. It was 4-1 Eagles after forty.

In the third period, Eagles Hebar scored again, this time on a penalty shot, it was 5-1 Eagles. That’s the way it stayed for the rest of the night. A collossal 5-1 whipping by the Eagles.

I get tired of writing this one, Mississippi was 0-for-4 on the powerplay, Colorado was 1-for-6. The Eagles dominated the game they outshot the RiverKings 36-26. Pechurskiy stopped 31 of 36 shots directed his way. Eagles netminder Kyle Jones stopped 25 of 26 shots directed his way.

Mississippi has a record of 24-24-4.

What’s up next up for the RiverKings. Tulsa is in town Friday and Saturday night.Start time is at 7:05 pm at the DeSoto Civic Center. Friday is “Go Red For Women” night for the American Heart and Strok Association, Saturday’s game supports the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.


What a load of crap, seriously folks. We lose 5-2 to the Wichita Thunder on Friday night.What a joke.

Wichita got on the scoreboard first as A.J. Gale found the back of the net with 36 seconds left in the first period. It was 1-0 Thunder after twenty minutes of play.

The Thunder walked all over the Kings in the second period as they scored two more. Mike Looby scored at 2:02 and Troy Schwab scored at 19:33. It was 3-0 Thunder after forty minutes of play.

Mississippi finally got on the board early in the third period on a goal from Matt Summers at 1:38. Wichita put the game away on a goal from Jesse Bennefield at 3:18. Bennefield did again at 8:30 of the third period, it was 5-1 Thunder. The Kings would one more as Levesque scored at 10:41. The final 5-2 Thunder.

Sterling stopped 31 of 36 shots directed his way. The Thunder were 1-for-5 on the powerplay.Mississippi was 0-for-6.

Joe Sports thoughts

Wow, we’re a bad bad hockey team.

The Kings are bad, But Are They Still The Worst Team Ever? Email me at:

So let the tanking continue from now until the end of the season. The players need to stop partying, if you get my drift.

I’ll never root against the Kings. From now on I won’t be too upset when they lose. Seldom has rooting for my fav team been so complicated.

Is it time for this ?

That’s the way I see it and I’m Joe Sports.

It’s time for Offside Thursday.

Devils bench boss Jacques Lemaire recently reached a milestone notching his 600th NHL coaching win. No one was awake to see it.

Although it was the most lopsided NHL outdoor game yet played 4-0 Flames over the Habs, it sure looked like nobody left the park until the 50/50 winning ticket was announced with seven minutes left.Hope you didn’t throw out that ticket. No one has claimed the prize. It’s worth over $70,000 bucks !!

NFL great Joe Montana’s son Nate has left the Fighting Irish for the Grizzlies in Missoula. This means he’ll have Montana on the front and back of his jersey. He may not know if he’s coming or going.

The LPGA is allowing transgendered competitors this year, in part because of a suit filed by former male police officer Lana Lawless. It seems they fought the Lawless and the Lawless won.

Jeopardy-winning supercomputer Watson made an error in naming Toronto a U.S. city. An even bigger mistake? It thought the Raptors were an NBA team.

Soviet-born beauty Irina Shayk, who is dating Cristiano Ronaldo, is the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model. Even Colonel Klink would love this Russian front.

Great line from Mike Keane on the Manitoba Moose retiring his jersey: “I’m probably going to cry because I’ll be remembering the time I was playing with Tommy Maxwell and he dumped the puck in on a 3-on-1.” Sounds like something the Kings would do.

Detroit first baseman Miguel Cabrera was arrested in Florida for driving while intoxicated. The County Sheriff’s Department confirmed they put a Tiger in their tank.

An Ottawa radio station says NHL fans were betrayed by Carrie Underwood ‘luring Mike Fisher to Nashville’ and will no longer play her music.

Here’s a better idea for suffering fans; ban the Senators from playing.
Here’s a look at the latest videos making the rounds on YouTube this week.

Canadian girl from Winterpeg(Winnipeg) girl covers Lady Gaga

10-year-old Maria Aragon became a YouTube sensation this week after covering Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way.” Lady Gaga herself has become a fan, saying “Can’t stop crying watching this, this is why I make music. She is the future.”

Hipsters and Arcade Fire

We love Arcade Fire…but some can take things too seriously.

Alex presents: Commando

There are a lot of misconceptions about Africa. We’ve been embedded with images of famine, war and disease by many non-profit companies for a long time. Mama Hope has decided to re-humanize Africa with a series of videos that feature the shared traits that make us all human. In the first video, Alex explains the film, “Commando.”

World’s Fastest Game of Hide and Seek

There is something so inspiring when children are fully enthralled in their time of play. Their excitement and imagination transport themselves to another world where a simple game of Hide and Seek bring pure satisfaction; despite lack of concealed space.

James Earl Jones, Baby

James Earl Jones stopped by the Gayle King show this week and read lyrics to Justin Bieber’s “Baby” on air. His baritone vocals took some juvenile lyrics of heartbreak and transformed them into a prestigious story of loss and regret.

Animatronic Eye Mechanism

If the brilliance of Watson on Jeopardy! last week didn’t conjure up the idea that robotic humanoids may eventually take over Earth, maybe this video will bring you up to speed at the possibility. Like Ken, we welcome our new computer overlords

This guy is good or what?
That’s it for today, enjoy the Kings games this weekend.

I’m Joe Sports.

Picture of the day!! We’ve come along way from the first computer.

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