The Countdown to The King’s world title match

Memphis legend Jerry “The King” Lawler will once again capture the city’s imagination when he wrestles for the WWE championship this Sunday night on pay-per-view.

What are the odds that the 61-year-old Treadwell High School alum will actually defeat The Miz and become world champion?

The King’s former broadcast partner and Hall of Fame wrestling announcer Jim Ross weighed in on his blog:

“Any one who thinks that it’s simply not possible for Jerry Lawler, at age 61 and on a week where he buried his 90 year old mother, to win the WWE title against the Miz this Sunday at the Elimination Chamber needs to rethink their position. It is possible and it damn well could happen. I agree that the King is the underdog going in but what a story for the ages it would make if the WWE HOF’er did win the title. I’m not saying bet the farm on it but IF Jerry Lawler were to somehow, by hook or crook, defeat the Miz Sunday it would be one of the hottest topics around the WWE water cooler in years.”

If The King does win, it will be his first title victory of any kind in WWE and his second world title reign ever.

The King won the AWA World Championship defeating Curt Henning in front of a sold out crowd at the Mid-South Coliseum on May 9, 1988 (a day that Mayor Dick Hackett officially declared “Jerry Lawler Day” in Memphis):

Lawler’s unexpected comeback started back in November 2010 on his 61st birthday when he was booked in an impromptu world title match against The Miz on Monday Night Raw:

Following his memorable loss to the world champion, Lawler gave his exclusive first interview to Kevin Cerrito and Marcus Hunter on Memphisport Live: Click here to listen to the interview.

A few months later on January 31, 2011, The King was a special entrant in a Raw Rumble match and ended up pulling the upset to become the Number 1 contender for the WWE championship:

Memphisport remains the only media outlet in the Mid-South covering Jerry Lawler’s comeback at age 61. Follow us on twitter @memphisport for live tweets during this Sunday’s historic WWE championship match between The King and The Miz.

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  1. jerry the king lawler din t win wwe title last sunday night
    but that not going stop him from become wwe world champion agan what i saw last night on monday night raw
    michael cole should not talk about jerry lawler mother on tv he is the world greast wrestler of all time with all the legends today that not stop jerry lawler requst to become the wwe champion i watch monday night raw every monday on usa network im glad to see jerry lawler get wrestle at wrestlemania 27 this year ps his number 1 wwe fan
    mark blaiss

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