Vintage Jack: A Red Sox Fan’s Meditation

Oh Lord we can’t say for sure that this is true
But we think the Yankees made a pact with you know who.

With A-Rod in their line-up, you’ve gotta know
That they’re the equal of the ’27 Murders Row.

If they get a little pitching, who is to say
They won’t wrap up the pennant by Labor Day?

So to counter this, it is our contention
That we will need some divine intervention.

Now, we mean A-Rod no real harm,
But if temporarily you were to give him a scatter arm…

And it would be nice, really great,
If he had double vision when he came to home plate.

And for dead solid sure we would love
To see a big whole in that Golden Glove.

So that’s about it, nothing more to discuss,
If you’ll do that, you can leave the rest to us.

Written February 19, 2004

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