BELIEVE MEMPHIS! Grizzlies eliminate Spurs 97-91



It was a win ten years in the making, but it didn’t come easy. The Memphis Grizzlies ground out a 97-91 win Friday night to eliminate the San Antonio Spurs and earn their first playoff series win in franchise history.

The turning point, strangely, came when the Spurs took the lead late in the fourth quarter. An Antonio McDyess jumper with 4:39 remaining put the Spurs ahead 80-79, but sparked a Grizzlies team that had been struggling to find a rhythm.

After the shot, the Grizzlies came out of a timeout to go on a 10-2 run and take an 89-82 lead into the final two minutes. One Spurs turnover and a massive Zach Randolph layup put the Grizzlies up 91-82 and sealed the win. There weren’t enough miracle shots in the world to bring the Spurs back from that.

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Photos by Chase Gustafson.



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