Holy what now?! The idiotic ending to the Clippers game

Marc Gasol's haircut was, sadly, not the most ridiculous thing about this game.

What the heck happened? Last night the Grizzlies lost to the Clippers, 82-81. For 41 minutes and about 30 seconds, it was a low-scoring “dogfight,” not too atypical a sight in the NBA.

Then, on the second-to-last play of the game, with the Clippers ahead by one and with the ball, Clipper Eric Bledsoe and Grizzly Tony Allen collided at the top of the key. Tony Brothers called a charge. Violet Palmer dramatically called a block.

Watch it.

The refs conferenced. The fans booed. The refs went to replay. The fans booed more. The refs still couldn’t figure it out, and called a double foul and a jump ball.

Chris Kaman got the jump over Marc Gasol, the Clippers ran out the last five seconds and the Grizzlies lost.

It was, as it sounds, totally stupid.

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Story photo by Justin Ford for MemphiSport.



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