Top 5 Everything from the Grizzlies’ Game 3 Win over the Spurs

It was the best FedExForum crowd ever and the best Grizzly win ever. If you’re looking for the more traditional recap, go here. For this one, let’s break it down in list form…

Top Five Game Moments:

5) Tim Duncan air-balls first FT of the game, misses second

A first-possession foul on the Spurs’ All-Star created a cascade of boos which was followed by a bigger cascade of cheers when Duncan’s first attempt failed to hit any part of the basket. The early misses set the stage for a game in which the Spurs would not get any leeway from the crowd.

4) Twelve of the Spurs’ 15 three-point attempts

The Spurs were the NBA’s top three-point shooting team entering the game. Tonight, they shot 13% from beyond the arc.

3) Virtually every Spur flop

Didn't work tonight Parker...

A team notorious for exaggerating contact and known for getting calls as a result found themselves coming up empty on almost every purposeful dive they took in the game.

2) Marc smothers Manu, Spurs whine about not getting timeout, Grizz win

On the final play of the game, Manu Ginobli struggled to escape Marc Gasol and heave a three-pointer in an attempt to tie the game. Gasol smothered Ginobli, and while other Spurs (mostly Tim Duncan) protested for a timeout, the clock expired and the confetti rained on the crowd.

1) Z-Bo nails three-pointer to seal win

This man shot the game winning three. Yes.

Wow was this unexpected. For everyone. with 56.7 seconds left in the game and just 2 seconds left on the shot clock, Z-Bo ripped a perfect three-pointer to put the Grizzlies up six and the game out of reach. The busted play was supposed to go to Marc Gasol inside, but when Randolph found himself open beyond the arc with the shot clock winding down, he took the shot and watched the ball drop into Grizzlies history.

Top Five “You had to be there” Moments:

5) PA announcer Rick Trotter’s late “Do you Believe?”

With 2:56 left in the game and the Spurs closing, Legendary PA announcer Rick Trotter flexed his pipes to push the crowd, and the team, with a resounding DO YOU BELIEVE! Isn’t everyone glad he decided to return to Memphis this season?

4) Volume up at 11 – Growl Towels Up!

Pictured: 11

This was unreal. Members of the media were complaining about losing their hearing. Trotter was tweeting about how no one could hear him and the Growl Towels, left on each seat for every fan, looked great.

3) Jerry Lawler pumps up fans before tip-off

The King not only used the epic phrase “pull the strap down” but also had a complete Grizzlies costume, with his crown, a #11 “King” jersey, and light blue tights. Well-played Grizz staff.

2) Memphis’ fans abject, unconditional hatred of Manu Ginobli

This man was booed more than LeBron James and Kobe Bryant put together. Maybe the fans were tired of seeing his face everywhere being touted as the reason the Grizzly’s won game one and lost game two. The hatred was so intense that when Tony Allen landed on Ginobli for a hard foul late in the game and Ginobli stayed on the ground clutching his injured shoulder, the crowd gave Allen a standing ovation.

1) Giant Eva Longoria head with Grizzlies headband enters arena, gets removed by NBA, re-enters thanks to Grizzlies, gets removed by NBA again.

Best. Joke. Ever.

So this guy, Tony Parker, he plays for the Spurs. He was married to this hot actress and… oh you know this part? Well a brilliant fan who did not want to comment or to be named brought a giant sized head of Parker’s ex-wife wearing a Grizz headband to the game. It was featured on the jumbotron early, then it was taken away by the NBA. Word was the objection was “content based.”

The Grizzlies had their lawyer scour the handbook. The head was triumphantly returned, but only for a little while, and then taken again. Still, for its brief existence, it was amazing.

Top Five Quotes:

5) Grizzlies Coach Lionel Hollins on the Spurs coming back
“We had ’em down and were punching them in the face and then they got up and threw a haymaker and it was tit-for-tat after that.”

4) Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich
“We played hard enough [in the second half] to win a game but unfortunately for the first 24 minutes we were just going through the paces while they were playing their asses off.”

3) Grizzlies guard Tony Allen
“Shout out to Zach Randolph. He sealed the big shot. That’s why they pay him the big bucks.”

2) Grizzlies center Marc Gasol on the final play
“[Ginobli] wasn’t trying to call timeout, he was trying to get around me and shoot the three.”

1) Grizzlies guard OJ Mayo
“This is our house, this is The Grindhouse, and if you come in here it’s going to be tough.”

Top Five Tweets:

5) @HPBasketball

4) @Peteredminston
Manu Ginobili is to FedExForum in 2011 as Andy Kaufman was to the Mid-South Coliseum in 1983.

3) @geoff_calkins
Met two orthodox jews who walked 11 miles to be here. Not allowed to drive, but didn’t want to miss game.

2) @rudygay22
All I can think of after that game is my boy Zbo !!!

1) @cerrito
The Grizzlies are only up 2. Someone find @JerryLawler and tell him now is the time to pull his strap down.

Top Five Photos:

Doug Gillon covers the Grizzlies for MemphiSport. You can follow him via Twitter@douggillon. For more live tweets during Grizzlies games follow  @memphisport@cerrito, and @chasingphoto

Crappy photos by Doug Gillon. Good ones by Chase Gustafson.


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