So long CHL… The times are a-changing

We have a team!! A GM ? A coach? Well at least we have hockey. To me it doesn’t matter what league were in. We didn’t do well the past few years in the CHL. I just want to see 100% effort !!

I went to a few games last season in Huntsville and  a few in Knoxville. Hey, I had a blast and the games I did see were a hell of lot more entertaining than the Kings were last season.

I don’t need to go on in-depth about what I think about the GM, YOU KNOW MY THOUGHTS THERE.

The coach, don’t get me started. Landmesser is going to have his hands full right off the bat. But let me say no more, don’t blame the players who will be coming. Can Landmesser actually coach? He had a tough time being a captain.

Besides all that, it’s great to still have a team. They didn’t fold.

So let’s give this version of the Kings a chance. Don’t boycott the DCC AND THE TEAM. If the GM and coach can’t deliver a winning team on the ice, then get rid of them, not the team.

Let us hope our fans don’t have to do this all season long.

That’s the way I see it and I’m Joe Sports.

The times they are a-changin’ !!

Great article from Maclean’s magazine.I hope your not one of the bad ones !!


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