Prove That Chris Johnson Isn’t Finished

Man, I am really down on this guy, and not even because of his sub-par performance in game 1 and 2. His holdout really cost this team a chance at starting strong this season. I have no problem with a player holding out for a better contract and although I believe that CJ is way overrated, he did deserve a much better contract. But shouldn’t a player still practice with the team? Tell the front office that you will not play a game and sit out the preseason, but at least practice. He didn’t and it shows on the field. OK, I am biased because I don’t think he is as good as advertised, but I will gladly say that I’m wrong and eat my hat, once he produces a winning season for the Titans.

There will be many out there who will say that I am crazy, but there were quite a few boos coming from the stands this past Sunday near the end of the game when he was stopped time and again for little or no yardage. This team has become a passing team, so CJ will simply not have the attempts he needs to get back into game-shape any time soon. The team will give up on him in the coming weeks. It already happened on a crucial 4th and 1 play this past weekend. They sat CJ on the sideline and gave the ball to Javon Ringer.

My prediction for Chris Johnson in the coming weeks… He will lose his starting job to Javon Ringer. Ringer has looked fantastic nearly every time he has touched the ball this season, and he will continue to shine. The moral of the story, do your job and let the money take care of itself.

OK — now it’s your turn… you don’t don’t believe me? Then prove that Chris Johnson isn’t finished.

Story by Mike Bullard


  1. Lose his job??? What a joke buddy I understand that he’s rusty but remember this week he was facing one of the best defenses in the league. Last year he had 7 games where he had 60 rushing yards or less but in the other 9 he averaged 110 yards and had 10 TDs in those 9 games. He produces in spurts the fact that you honestly believe he will eventually lose his jobs proves how little you know about football. He put up 2,000 rushing yards a few years ago and had over 1.300 rushing yards last year and after two games you’re ready to basically say he’s an overrated bum who will lose his job to the infamous Javon Ringer???? You clearly know nothing about football if you believe that. The titans are not going to bench the man making 50 plus million dollars this season and you can take that to the bank!!

    • memphisport says:

      Since 2009, the Titans have a record of 14-18. Chris Johnson recorded his magical 2000 yards in a season when the Titans went 8-8. Many of those yards came after the game was already decided. The Titans placed quite a lot on his shoulders and asked him to run the ball way too many times. It wears a running back down. Look at any other running back that has come close to a 2000 yard season and you will see a fairly large drop off in the next couple of years. He will never get back to the form he was in back then.

      Do you really want a running back that, as you say, “produces in spurts” or would you like to have someone you can count on to give you yardage when you need it? CJ has never been the type of back to get that extra yard, or punch it through at the goal line. He is a great option after the starting running back has already opened up the field, but no team should have to run the ball 12 times for 1 or 2 yards each, just in the hopes that he may be able to break one off for 10 yards.

      But none of that changes the fact that he is not ready for the field right now. Maybe you don’t agree with me, but the Titans apparently do. They announced yesterday that they will be attempting to give Ringer more carries this week.

      As far as his salary goes. Chris Johnson is not making $50 million this year. He signed a six-year $56 million deal a few weeks ago that will pay him a $10 million signing bonus and roughly $3 million guaranteed this season. Not a bad gamble on an aging horse, but they should have let him sit out half the season until he came to his senses.

      Note to Brett: I also read Pete O’Brien’s column in the USA Today

  2. Is this an attempt to get me to trade CJ2K to you in the fantasy league?? Will not happen! Haha

  3. memphisport says:

    Williams had 6 fantasy points in week 1 (his high for the season). CJ had 6 fantasy points in week 2 (his high for the season). Seems fair to me. The truth is that Williams will be cleaning up for Ray Rice all season and soon CJ will be cleaning up for Javon Ringer.

    In all seriousness, I have Javon Ringer on my bench right now and I would not trade him for CJ.

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