Big Jack’s Rhymes: 45 Point Loss

For Ole Miss football fans it’s a season of discontent
As they wonder where their football went.

And considering the Rebels play it’s not so strange
That a vocal few have been calling for change.

Now a 45 point loss can’t be allowed to pass
And their patience has reached a critical mass.

Since the football program is dead now, their goal
Is for many many heads to roll.

They’ve had it with Coach Nutt, he’s become a bore
And they want him gone-out the door.

Pete Boone doesn’t get away Scott free
They want him hanging from yonder tree. (figuratively speaking)

So the fans have spoken,they’ve had their
And change is coming,it’s on the way.

The odds are short, 10 out of 10
It’s not a matter of if–but when.


Written by Jack Eaton on 10/16/11. “Big” Jack can be heard every Friday at 8am on KWAM 990 alongside former County Commissioner John Willingham. He was recently inducted into the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame.

Photo by JD Meredith. 

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